Monday, December 08, 2008

Sigh... Malaysia public transport

Date : 8th December 2008
Time : 3.45PM
Listening to : My own typing
Where : Room - MC

Just got back from Pudu. Sigh... Was drizzling all the way. The bus driver was so rude. And today I saw the news and AGAIN, reckless driving that caused the bus to overturn and killed the passengers. What is wrong with them. As a bus driver, they are carrying lives you know. How can they be so reckless? Imagine that's your family members. Goodness... What is wrong with them??? Aaaarghhh!!!

Then today in the KTM. I wanted to rant about this every time I take the train. The guy who annouces the station is so freakin annoying. He can't even speak properly and it was like a foreign language. You expect people to change train from Pelabuhan Klang to Seremban when you speak like that?? What is wrong with them??

And I don't get it. What's with people who are against Christianity? I really don't get it. Seriously. What's with the mocking and stuff. I mean come on..... what's with making fun of Christianity and stuff. I don't make fun of you being Godless. I found my faith in Jesus and if you cannot understand that, I do not blame you. But stop making fun of it. It's never nice. You think it's easy for me to see you so unbelieving? And do you think I will be this patient with him if it's not because of God and because of you? Sigh...

Just out of curiosity for those who reads. How come believing in Evolution (which automatically makes our ancestors an ape) is easier compared to Creationism (believing that God created us)? Don't answer it if it's too sensitive. Leave comments in the comment box. Thanks.

Anyway, Jackie could walk already. But not long. At least he's making some progress. K, gtg. Bye.



hwei said...

saun here... somehow the way u put the question points to the logical answer immediately. It beat me, I'm with Creation

Subarunyon said...

Evolution is easier to accept than Creationism because not everyone have a personal experience with the existence of God. Science is more universal in a way, because you dont need to be personally touched by God to know how something makes sense. It doesnt matter whether there's God or not, 1 + 1 still equals 2.

That, and in science, for something to be accepted as "true", it has to have enough evidence supporting it. By default, God cannot be proven or disproven, and therefore is not a useful concept to understand the way the world works.

I'm with both. I believe God created the world the way it is now through evolution.

Chen said...

@Saun : What's the logical answer?

@Subarunyon : i agree that God create the world and evolution is part of his plan. Just the question of our existance and how people interpretes it. And btw, many of the things the scientists claimed true weren't even properly proven yet. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. :)