Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday at last...

Date : 18th December 2008
Time : 12.42PM
Listening to : If you only knew - Maroon 5
Where : Room - Malacca

Wow. Such neglected blog. Hehe. Sorry yea. Was too freakin busy with final projects. Though I came back on Monday, I didn't blog cos I decided that:
1. No thinking of other projects.
2. No internet and no computer.
3. Just watch TV 24/7 and eat.
I lasted 3 days. Eheheeh... But if longer even better. Well, anyway, this might just end up very long a post.

Church Camp

Well, I didn't stay over. This year, the camp took place in MGC itself. My sister came back so I decided to stay home instead. But I joined some of the sessions. The speaker was Mr. Chew Eng Huat. The camp was 4 days 3 nights. Quite fun I think. The Special Nite was interesting and hilarious. We were required to do a skit based on Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"
I didn't really know what was going on at first cos I arrived there just in time for dinner. Then Tse Hwei said, "Chenli! You can be Gloria!". =.=! I was like... "Madagascar? Who's Moto-Moto man..." And they pointed to Darel. Lol... Okay. Anyway, I'll just let the video do the talking ok. I only have Madagascar and Mangkuk's group. Juliana's group was taken by Yen because I ran out of space and batteries.

*If you don't see the video means i'm still uploading at YouTube. Check back later.*

Jackie came home about a week ago. My bro called me to tell me a dreadful news. I was in Video Lab with my classmates watching a HK comedy by Stephen Chow (All Well Ends Well) and then he called. Jackie's tongue is now shortened by an inch due to the infection. A week before that I was told that the ulcer that affected his throat and mouth spread to his kidney and stomach. So it was pretty bad. The ulcer made the tongue rot. He couldn't really eat by himself now so we have to feed him with soft food. Was pretty shocked at first but thank God he's fine otherwise. When I saw him on Monday, he was very thin but still a little more bubbly than when he was at the vet. But he's not that active anymore. Sigh. Still, glad he's fine. Thanks for the prayers.


So, this is what I've been busy with for the last couple of weeks. It was crazy I tell you. Still, first year second term was worse. Nothing beats that. Period. So yeah, Motion Graphic wasn't part of the hectic list cos we submitted that a week before that. First up in the list was Design Method 3. A group project with Tanyus. I was the Design Lead and she was the Technical Lead. It was quite a big presentation cos the Juniors were there to observe and comment. We did a game that hopefully will invoke the interest of the students in the different art movements. Our main objective was how games can serve as a learning tool. So we created a game that we hope could impart knowledge to the player regarding the art movements in the world. But feedback from Juniors was, our navigation wasn't that clear. Some faulty bugs in the programming didn't help either. So I plan to improve on the navigation and information later. But from the side of our lecturer, Sweii, also our Head of Dept (0.0!), she was quite happy with the result and with our preparation. She said it serves as a good portfolio and perhaps could even be marketed. Sook Chiung, our tutor, commented on the lack of information and learning experience of the game. I hope to improve on that soon.

Next up on the list was 3D for MM. Kenny couldn't make it for class so presentation was cancelled but we need to submit to Mafex from 2.30 to 3.30. He emailed us about it which I just read, TODAY. But I knew we need to submit but I thought must be sharp 2.30PM. Sweat like crazy cos I was late for half an hour. Sebab nak melebih buat website for my trailer. Wooo... The navigation sucks. But then I thought, "Aku buat this 3D model so hard... And I could show just a trailer. A bit wasted lor." So i did a mock website to show off my 3D. Wahahahahah! Ahem... Just jk. I really think it was a waste to limit it to a trailer. Still, I don't think I did well for this subject.

Last on the list was Advanced Digital Media. This one was such a killer I tell you. I don't think I was defeated because of the programming part. It was my time management and perhaps also my illustration skills. I did finish my work. My ending wasn't how I wanted it to be. Musa was happy with my planning for the whole flow of the game. Just the ending. Soo Chiung likes the mood and feel but the whole game was lack of info. So we were allowed to refine them and submit on Monday. I refined them but I still didn't have the time to fix the ending. Sigh. Oh well, I can't ask for more time. I did some user testing on Eric and my youngest bro. Eric was like, "Chenli!!! This is sooooooo harddddddddd!!"... and my bro was, "Okla... Not too hard." but I noticed they didn't really know where to click and both aren't P&C players. I failed... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Okla... I should fix it perhaps. Pixel hunting crap which I hated and now I'm drowing in it. But this assignment really tested me alot on my programming capabilities. I used to not able to figure out what the error means. Now when the error message pops out, I know where to fix it. And solution became easier. Wooo... Tak sangka I can programme the whole game out. I just wish I didn't give the players so much problem. Gah.

Well, basically, that's all. And on the 25th December 2008, MGC is having a christmas event ,
The First Day of Christmas
at 7.30PM. All are welcome to come. It will be fun this year. Do all your hanging out and stuff on the eve of Christmas but on the 25th, datangla MGC ya... Ehehehehe...

K, till then. Ta!


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