Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Poor Jackie

Date : 3rd December 2008
Time : 4.13PM
Listening to : Samantha's presentation
Where : MMLab 3

Okay... I'm in 3D class now. (Kenny, jgn marah yea... Girls can multi-task) XD. Well, anyway... Sigh..really lack of sleep right now. Zzzz... And tomorrow we'll have 8.30AM class for Advanced Digital Media. Aduhai... Habis ler kali ni. Tak yah tidor ler. Still a lot to do.

On Monday, after Motion Graphic submission, I shared a few videos that I watched in church with my lecturer, Joanne and classmates. It was hilarious. I can't access Youtube from school (though I can bypass that..I am just lazy) so I'll share it next time. Then yesterday I shared the same video with my 3D lecturer, Kenny. We laughed like crazy. And he shared some other videos with us also. Joanne shared some also the other day. Darn lawak punya session. Fuh.

I'm still having some cough. And just now I called Wen and he told me that our dog is currently at the vet. He's under observation. So he's alone there now. He hasn't been eating for 7 days or so already. Last week when I last saw him, he was vomiting and without energy. And in 2 days if he still does not feel any better, the veterinarian would have to do some blood test. T_T So freakin sad okay. I wanted to cry every time I think about him being alone. Cos he really hates needle and he hates injection. The last time I brought him to the vet for injection, he howled so pitifully till I went one corner and cried. And he's rather attached to us. And now he's alone in the hosp. T_T And to think I get this news before my presentation for 3D. Betul;-betul takda mood d. I feel a bit depressed. Sigh... Please pray for Jackie pleaseeeeeeee....

Term is gonna end in 2 weeks. Until then, I will be so busy I don't think I'll have time for frequent blogging. (It's not like I blog frequently anyway). And I know I hutang like tonnes of updates which I think will end up as khabar basi. Lol. Aduhai... Sister coming back this Friday night. I'll be going home tomorrow. (I feel like I am a kaki ponteng man) =.+

K..gtg man. Ta!


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