Monday, February 25, 2008

New Zealand bongok.......

Date : 25th February 2008
Time : 9.23AM
Listening to : Time after time - Frank Sinatra
Where : Room - MC

Recently, I had dreams concerning friends that are far away. People that I don't usually see. Yesterday afternoon, I dreamed about Andrew. Something about he teleported back from Michigan whenever he wants to. And Thye Chuan was around too... to witness this "spectacular finding of alch. Sigh. Miss you Andrew. A bit sedih when u teleport balik. Haha.

Then yesterday night, I dreamed of Karen. I heard that she was leaving for New Zealand. That was a day before she left. Wanted to call... but as usual... I didn't. Sigh... You know what NEW ZEALAND?!?! First you took Uncle Ivan, then Hema, then Jeremy and Marcus, then Karen and next you taking Livia and Auntie Kim also. Dunnoe lah. I dreamed that Karen and I had a very long talk after a game. Just chatted about stuff. I don't consider us close but i think enough to hook up on a long chat. I kinda miss her. Actually, I really do miss her. Especially after that dream. All the best karen.

Itu la...wen ppl around, dowan to hang out. When dah hilang tu only wanna bising. -.-! Takper la... I think...hmmm... I will text si Karen and Andrew tu. And Hema. K...ta then!



senorita.. said...

u're the 1st to make me tear after i arrive in Wellington other than my 'homesick' moments...

thanks... i really do miss u as well.. i got ur text,take care alrite..


Chen said...

u too! drink more milk!hahahahahaa!