Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Room Cleaning!

Date : 26th february 2008
Time : 10.10PM
Listening to : Garth Brook - To make you feel my love
Where : MC - Room

Backstreet Boys coming tomorrow!!! Haih~! Takper Ju..lain kali yer... So near me sammo. Perla... Anyway... My neck cannot turn to my right or up. Benci... Sakit giler... Dunnoe why. Today Web Design class was cancelled. So we MM students decided to take a break and went to play pool instead...which...my team lost again. 2 kali. No luck in winning I guess.

Then went to do research for Design Method 2. Will be doing on the topic "Mistakes". And then came back home and realized that my room is indeed.... in a super d duper big mess. This was my room when I came home.

This is the mess that I've made yesterday.

This is my table that I never really use cos' I am currently borrowing Sel's mini table.

This is how my room looked like after the "assignment war"

Kinda top view...

And then I behtahan... and I have lotsa craft to do for Web Design class so I reorganized... for almost 1 and half hour or more...

Radio and references area..where I keep my stocks...

My bed area...and current workstation. I need my bed to put stuff one... SO must work near it.

The whole bedroom look from the door. Storage changed from shelves to bedside.

Collection of mags and books...

Proud of my mags...hoho! Dunnoe why...

Current books that're with me now. 3 more with Amir...

Collection of coloured papers... I didn't take my wrapping papers collection. Mom sees I die.

Storage area...temporal only... Until Web Design habis...

2 of my storage boxes...Out of 4...

Last but not least.... My kekawan yang menemani hidup. VA (Vincent's Armpit) the bear and Andrew the Snowman.... And the lil doggy at the side which I forgot.... hehe....

I dunnoe why I blog on this... Padahal I banyak kerja nak buat. But I guess a break won't kill. Anyway.... Do visit my other blog if you guys have the time. Ta!

Oh...and Andrew called from Michigan. HOHOHO! And I thought it was Karen though I was pretty sure at first that it was Andrew But my voice bounced back! GILA!

Oh...also... Danny and I almost mati dilanggar oleh perempuan yang tak tau law. Seriously... Geram when I think back. So better forget about it.

Kla... gotta be back to work. Bye!


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