Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hazmer pun nak jadi model

Date : 25th June 2008
Time : 10.46PM
Where : Uncle Gary's house
Listening to : Nothing

Yesterday we had a very crazy chat. All of us in MM class minus Dee and our last term lecturer Hazmer. I was actually doing the game work thingy and suddenly Tan put me in the chat room. Darn lawak... Mangkuk was the word of the day. Was it just Malaccans or what because I seemed to introduced new words everytime I come back from Malaccao. o.0! Lawak... Elaborate later. Today, we saw Hazmer and the first thing I said was, "Miss MakDatok!!!!" Hahahahaha... Anyway... we stalked him just now and we saw him posing... Quickly asked Tan to take his photo... This pic was grabbed from Tan's blog.

I think the 2nd pic looks more like Michael Jackson pose from the back rather than sad... Yes... I think we all quite jahat cos this is one lecturer that we helped to make 6 packs by making im laugh. Wait... I think that makes us good. Yeah..So he should chia us Sushi Zanmai. Angkat tangan untuk sesiapa yang bersetuju! *Angkat 2 tangan!*


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