Friday, July 04, 2008

Malacca Trip with MM0681

Date : 4th July 2008
Time : 11.27AM
Listening to : You're in love - Wilson Philips
Where : Guest room - Uncle Gary's house

Wah...been ages since I last updated. No photos this time btw. Anyway, last week, my whole class (minus Sam) took a trip down to Malacca. And my whole class plus our video equipment yang amat banyak sekali could fit into my uncle's Toyota Unser comfortably. Yes, my class very the small. 7 ppl in total traveled back to Malacca. It was on Thursday and we made a detour to Muzium Negara for Dee's group video project. Then picked Sel up from KL Sentral. After that, we made a stop at a KFC outlet and have our lunch + dinner... Quite hyper la. And it was really fun to be able to travel together as a class. And during makan, we korek a bit info from Wahyu pasal Lona. Uhuhuhu... Bukannyer banyak sangat...

Then we started the journey back. Banyak punya hyper la those who sat behind. Chris and I sat at the front. Tan, Sel and Wahyu sat behind us. Then in the 3rd row was Dee and Joanne. Cakap cakap cakap cakap. Ketawa ketawa ketawa. Maybe I penat kot. Diam sikit that day. Or maybe I was just thinking about the videoshoot for the next day. And I bet Hazmer was sneezing like crazy that day cos Tan and Sel replaced the word monyong with his name. Hahaha...

Anyway, we reached home I dunnoe what time la. But kesian Wahyu and Dee cos my hse got dog rite. SO everytime have to tangkap the dog first onli they can masuk. And Jackie stole Wahyu's socks samo. Alamak... And Jackie ta layan Sel. Hahaha! Aiyo... SO kesian Sel... I started my work for Hazmer's game See...I so good ok?!?!?!?!) And that night around 10PM, we did some briefing for the next day. Chris, Wahyu and Joanne are my group members. The rest came along to help us out. And so funy lah this Sel. Ada-ada saja dia ni. Went red after seeing my 14 year old bro pasal we disturbed her with him. Huahauahauahauaua!!! Lawak lawak... After briefing, I drove Tan, Sel, Wahyu and Joanne to get supper. The burger stall that sells fantastic burger tutup-ing by then. So we went around to find another one. And we found one. Joanne and Wahyu went down to order. So I rolled down my window to listen la... SO lawak I tell you....

Jo : Burger ayam empat... burger lembu satu
Burgerman : *repeat her order wrongly*
Jo : Ayam empat...Lembu satu....
Those in the cars : HAHAHAHAAHA!
*Jo and Wahyu turned to loon*

Me : Daging lah! Lembu! Boleh habis ker??
Jo, Wahyu, burgerman: *Laughs*

Aduhai... Lawak man... Lembu.. Then they got into the car and before we drove off I told the guys we will be back to get the burger. Then Jo went to get some drinks at the mamak. Wahyu pulak went to get fries. The reason why only Jo and Wahyu went out to get stuff was because the rest of us were in our Pajamas liao. Sel paling funny one. She was in her cartoony mia PJs and she wore her gold shoes out. Mak jaaang......... So funny....

Ater we reached home, we sat down to eat. then I balik bilik buat itu characters again. Sleeping arrangement was the girls will sleep in my room. Wahyu took the TV room. Can watch football. So happie defler eh? Lucky my mom just renovated my room so got space to put all those mattresses. When the girls were upstairs, Dee pulak naik gila. She molest my bro's half-blind dino~! Apa ini. Really siao you know this fella. Sekejap dino jadi hip hop la...sekejap off shoulder baju la... =.=~! Gila... When everyone in my room fell asleep, I went down to check on Wahyu. Adakah patut he watched "Foster's home for imaginary friends" without calling us and ketawa sorang diri? X_X Anyway, I went to sleep at around 3.45AM. Sel ni kan... Bila tidor... Haha... macam cacing.

The next day, we got ready for our shooting. Wahyu ni kan. Nak panggil bangun was like asking an elephant to golek uphill. =.= Check Tanyus' blog for more info. Anyway, videoshoot went well la. Very interesting. We were shooting a documentary on this little TeoChew Porridge shop in Kampung Pantai. Very very very tiring I tell you. Really tiring. I can't exactly do much as a director pasal I have 2 cameramen kan and sammo I cannot see what they were shooting and the angles and all but thank God both Chris and Wahyu are really good photographers la. Most of the time I will be with Wahyu cos he was the main cameraman. Really penat man. Jo and I were the one who did the walking and also observing for details cos Wahyu and Chris needed to be on set all the time.

After the shoot, we went for a coffee break while waiting for the closing time. At around 3.30 we went back to the set. Chris and the rest went to do the establishing shot. Jo and I waited in the shop for the closing time. Will shoot the closing and cleaning up time. There we met this very funny uncle la. So very lawak cos he could speak a lot of languages. Then Chris they all balik just in time to shoot the tutup kedai shot. I squatted until wanna die in the hot sun shooting the closing. =.=

Then we balik my place to wash up. Tan and I kantoi-ed even before that while waiting for the rest to mandi. When I woke up, I was so blur I asked my grandma to walk to pasar malam herself. o.0" Then when I was bathing, I came to my senses and I thought back.. "What the heck??? Call grandma walk to PM herself??" So after my bath I went down and asked Sel what happened just now.. And she told me lah.. And she went, "Har? You so blur?"... I dunnoe la... when my grandma balik, I said sorry la and she laughed. =.o" After everyone mandi and all, we ate the nasi lemak bought by my mom. Then we went off to Pasar Malam. Ate so many things. Hoho~! Gembira~!

Then balik rumah semua buat kerja rumah except for me. I was really tired macam sial I kantoi-ed early. And the rest thought Jo nampak hantu cos I opened the tv room door and told her to charge the cameras la. Then closed back and went to sleep on the sofa in the dark. Then one of them asked her who she was talking to. So Jo said Chen la. Then they asked where and Jo said the tv room. Tan came in and asked, "Chen..." but she didn't see me la. And I malas nak jawab kan. Then she closed the door and she said, "Don't have!" And Jo went, "Got la.."... And then dunnoe what happened outside la. But then Jo came in again and she checked she saw me. Hahaha... Apala...

The next day shoot was easier la. Chris, Jo and Dee went to the market to wait for the uncle so she could shoot him doing the marketing. For the rest ofus, I drove them to the shop and we talked to the auntie and off we went for breakfast at the baba nyonya museum cafe there. So relaxing. When Chris they all joined us, we went off home after breakfast and we needed to be back at the shop by 3PM. We went back home and Chris + Wahyu rested downstairs while the rest of us were in my room crapping and laughing bout so many things lah. Aduhai... Sel pulak kaco kaco my bro. Hoho~! Then suddenly all fell asleep. =.= So I did my Photography. Then Chris came up and we prepared to go for lunch. Ate chicken rice ball. Sedap. Hehe... Then we went back to the teochew shop and set up all the equipment for the interview. It all went well la but the batt made the audio bad. Aih...Nemind... Got back up.

After we wrapped up the whole production, we thanked the owner and everyone and set off to Calanthe for coffee break again. We were so hyper then. Aiyo... SO much fun. Then we went to A Famosa cos Sel wanna take a look. Then off we went back to my place to pack things up and cabut. Stopped at Ayer Keroh's McD. Ate there and balik KL. Along the way, o and I did the coti thing for the tapes. Sent her back first then Tan and Sel. Lepas tu left me, Wahyu, Dee and Chris. So funny la cos got one very the funny incident while we changed seats. Hoho...

Dropped Wahyu and then Dee. Then Chris sent me back to my uncle's place to change car. I spent Sat and Sun night here. All in all, everything was really fun and nice.

kla..gtg... Update more next time!


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