Monday, June 16, 2008

2nd Color Palette selection

Date : 16th June 2008
Time : 4.10AM
Listening to : Street Map - The Athlete
Where : Room - MC

Web Design is going to be tough for my spine and ego. *sob* I foresee rejection for the 2nd time. I dunnoe why. Aih... But I will not dwell on it . Gah. Neway, had a very nice chat with Juliana and Yen regarding our vacation plan to Cameron Highlands. Settled on the hotel already but not the date.

And this will be the color palette for this Tuesday.

b├ęsame mucho
And the arrangement will be...

Chen : Orange
Selvia : Red
Diana : Blue
Tanyus : White
Chris : Black

And Hazmer, got time, drop by la har. Ehehehehee... Perhaps this time we can try Lion King.


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