Monday, March 16, 2009

The nice feeling you get in your dreams...

Date : 16th March 2009
Time : 12.11AM
Where : Room - MC
Listening to : How will I say I love you? - Light&Easy Swing Time

You know how sometimes you dream about some beautiful place and you have this kind of nice feeling deep inside your heart. Hmmm... I got it most of the time. And I always assume that it will only occur in those dreams but I kinda discover that nice feeling on my birthday. When I was taking over the wheel from my dad, driving from lunch to Alor Gajah toll. It was a sunny day and we were heading back to KL. Hmmmm... It was a great day and I feel really nice inside. Pretty dreamy. Anyway, I can't update on my birthday yet. Too busy. But thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. :) Will update soon.



Tekkaus said...

I had a dream too yesetrday! It was a nightmare! Haha =)

Chen said...

ahahah...why so kesian??