Friday, April 03, 2009


Date : 3rd April 2009
Time : 2.55AM
Listening to : Snow Angel Drama OST
Where : Room - MC

What a hectic term... I mean seriously hectic. The 4 days that I spent back in Malacca were all used up for assignments especially Digital portfolio. And I am freakin jealous. Seriously jealous even though I chose not to go for KL Design Week and went for church events. I missed my chance to meet my fav. designer, Stephan Sagmeister. So yeah, don't rub it in my face okay. Will really appreciate it. So yeah, but Tan's kind enough to give me an extra copy of a book she got from KLDW. I don't even dare to check her blog cos I so scared I will jealous until die when I see her photos with Stephan~! I mean seriously!!! The only thing that made it so much better for me was the consolation that I've finished Wai Khong's work. And also that Stephan is currently residing in Bali for a year. SO I WILL BE PACKING UP THIS TERM BREAK AND TRY TO BUMP INTO HIM IN BALI possibly with his girlfriend which I will ask Chris to distract. Ahem. Just kidding. But I really wanna meet him la. Sigh. Takper... maybe another time.

And so Easter was fun. Not many visitors this time around but it's okay. I think everyone did warm up with the visitors. This trip back to Malacca was nice cos I get to spend time with my sister. She came back or a 2 weeks break. But I really spent more than three quarter of m time doing assignments only. =.=! Besides watching movies on HBO and Hallmark, all I did was assignments. Aduhai. I didn't even sleep in my own room every nite. Only the first 2 nites. The other 2 nites, I slept in my mom's room cos I worked there and so my parents moved to my room instead. The last nite, I slept downstairs at the sofa while waiting for my work to load. Ter wake up and realized I overslept. Started packing and travelled back to KL after that. I am still lamenting over my Stephan. T_T

Anyway, still can't post up pictures of my birthday, Sel's Birthday and other stuf like 8tv trips. And we welcomed Unkle Kennie bin Kok into our Facebook ring. Like me, he's also pretty noob bout FB. AAHHAHAHA!

kk...gtg cos later have to got skool by 9am for a field trip to KLDW exhibition. And u noe what?? I know Stephan went back Bali d. But I still prayed that I will see him there. Who knows... Sigh...



Tekkaus said...

Stephan Sagmeister sounds like quite somebady huh! So much so you are going to pack your bags to meet him in Bali? =)

Chen said...

Ahaha...he's an interesting designer. I really really like his work. AND I MISSED THE CHANCE TO MEET HIM~! T_T Nope...I can't go Bali. Lol... I have to go Singapore to try to secure an interview.