Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My 23rd Birthday

Date : 7th April 2009
Time : 12.18PM
Listening to : Forever More - Puff Johnson
Where : Bro's Room - MC

I slept for 18 hours..... Sick like crap. My bro fell sick and my mom came and pick him back to Malacca. Then I fell sick. Aiyoh... I think I was HOT yesterday. Lol... I mean my body temperature. Aih... Slept so long... I feel kinda blur. Tomorrow I'll be having an interview together with my classmates. I am the LAST one to be interviewed. T_T Kinda dunnoe what to feel. Wai Khong said the interviewer will be from Arachnid. Anyway...
My 23rd Birthday
It's so long ago... still... Ahahaha... So yeah... I forgot what date it was but it was definitely after the 10th of March. As usual, every Friday after Jordan's class, Tanyus and I will go over to Dee's place in Ampang. But that day, Tanyus told me she won't be going cos she's having cramps which was true btw. So I said ok la. Then she went out to pick a call. Then she came in and she said dat later Fadzil will come pick me up to The Curve cos her dad wanna belanja us makan. Nothing unusual cos Dee's parents are like super generous one la. So i asked Tanyus if she will be joining and she said nola... Cos if she go there d who will fetch her back. Ya jugak... So I said ok lor. So then Fadzil came and pick me up. And we were talking in the car very normal la. I mean, I really DID NOT suspect anything you know. Sammo the night before I didn't really get enough sleep. So Dee came and meet us in front of Padini. So I asked la, "Your mom din come?" She said she works on Friday. So yeala... nevermind lor. Then she brought me to The Apartment. I masuk only... I saw Selvia's back. I was like..."Heh? The father ajak defler also I think..." Then I saw Wahyu, Sophia and when I saw Chris... It dawned on me that they're celebrating my birthday la. AHahhahaa... Thanks guys... It was a nice surprise.

More photos on Facebook.

Ok.. next up will be the trip to 8TV. That will be in another post. ^^ And pray for my bro and I yea. Hope we will recover asap. Thx!

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