Thursday, March 05, 2009

I need...

Date : 5th March 2009
Time : 1.34AM
Listening to : Kissing a Fool - George Michael
Where : Room - MC

1. I need a BIGGER table.
2. I need a DOUBLE king size bed.
3. I need MORE motivation.
4. I need EXTRA time.

Fuh... Reason for number one is I have no place for my stuff. It's very cramp and thus I threw my books and work on my bed. This led to reason number 2. With the things lying around on my bed, I hardly have any space left to sleep. And finding for my character design book took a while cos it was underneath my blanket. =.=! Number three... without more motivation, I would have slept my days off. And I need the extra time to jungle EVERYTHING. Sigh... Kan bagus if I can just walk out of work just like that? Interview is in 4 weeks time. If I don't secure a internship job, I can chuangpiak and stay blacked out for a year. HUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!


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