Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Date : 4th March 2009
Time : 8.14PM
Listening to : Wilbur Pan
Where : Room - MC Wooo~ Wooo~ So much assignment sial. But I finally forced myself to finish MGC's invitation card. Won't post it up yet till the design's confirmed. MY DOVE LOOKS LIKE A DUCK CUM CHICKEN CUM PENGUIN~! Total fail man... Ahahahha... Aduhai. It ws quite by accident that I worked with that style. After I finished, it was already 3AM and I sent messages to some peeps in the church to ask them spread the word around and take a look. Andy said I really freakin nerd lah. 3AM still awake. And Shaun said what an odd hour to send sms. 3AM?? No choice la dey...

This term had been a crazy term for me la yea. I mean really crazy. So MUCH group works. Notice it's MUCH not MANY sebab the assignments memang tak terkira. Woo~! Tolong! Tolong! I don't know where to start la. And sammo for Wai Khong's class, I have a whole lot of manual work to do. Finished Art revisited. Half excited, half worried. Given the time I have, I really don't know if I can make it or not. So MGC-ians~! Pray for me yea. Fuh.

Anyway, Mondays a holiday. So will be going back this weekend. Looks like I have to put Sathom's and my birthday's plan on hold. Actually...we got no plan also. Just going out for dinner with some friends. =.=! So fast 3 years d la. After this year, everyone will be scattered all over the place. Today I had lunch with Sathom and we did some catching up. Was quite fun. He actually told me how many categories of girls there are in Sunway. =.=! And I lost my card! I left it ith the library attendant. But he said it's not there~! WTHeck right?? Why would anyone wanna take my card? Cantik sangat ker muka aku? AHAHAHAHA!

kla...I gtg eat dinner d. Then get supplies for WK's class. Nite!


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