Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fruitful Monday

Date : 25th February 2009
Time : 9.47PM
Listening to : Woman - John Lennon
Where : Room - MC

I recently got addicted to Singapore drama series "The Little Nyonya". It is a very good series. Pretty sad at one part I couldn't stop cryin for almost 30 minutes. You know that kind of crying where you can't even speak that kind. Ahahaah. It's bodoh I know.

Anyway, on Monday I went for my Final Project Studio class. Then suddenly another lecturer asked for me. So menakutkan. I thought what I did wrong. LOL. Mana tau my head of dept which happened to be my class lecturer couldn't make it for class cos her car broke down. And she wanted to speak to me through the phone. So I get to enter the MM dept. Cold man. And I've never utter so many okays in a phone conversation before. And it was awkward speaking on the phone with her. o.O

So Dee, Tan and I went KFC for our breakfast. We love the breakfast wrap. Fadzil joined us later on. Then we went back class to discuss pasal Web Design. And then I went William's printing shop to start working on my Digital Portfolio. Finished 90% of my work there. Lucky I was to have a business meeting at 4pm. If not I won't stay back to work in William's. I got to know a junior that is so much older than me. o.O I forgot his name. XD Then at 4pm I went for my business meeting. It was pretty short.

After that I hung out with my bro and James in the lab. After like 20 minutes, Pinky, my lecturer from semester 2 called. I went to meet her and I consulted her regarding Web Design. It was quite an insightful discussion. Then I joined James in the DG lab again, watching him work. My bro tgh busy with his work portfolio. A lot of his work are selected from exhibition and he;s behind schedule already in layout-ing his work. Then after Danny's done with his class, 4 of us went for dinner. Then we met the rest, Michelle, David, Zheng and Kelvin at the CC for a 2 rounds of games. It was very funny playing against James cos' my bro and I totally teamed up against him for the first round. Both of us have "feud" with him. Ahaahaha. It was hilarious playing with friends. Cos' it's very lawak when you get to pounce on them if ur a zombie. Too bad the connection for the server was bad. So michelle, david and danny couldn't join in. After the game, we decided that..ugh...we're not addicted anymore cos' too much already.

So that's how my Monday ended. I would say pretty fruitful. 2 different meetings and finished my portfolio promotional items.

I am coming back this saturday. See you guys in church on Sunday!!



Tekkaus said...

Very fruitful indeed! Ha =) Have you finished watching little nyonya? I have watched 1 ep only. Gonna go borrow it.

Chen said...

Yeap! I finished it. Nice. Go and watch it. It's a lil addictive though. haha..