Saturday, February 21, 2009


Date : 21st February 2009
Time : 9.13PM
Listening to : Rain
Where : Room - MC *Faint*

I mean really man, day and night if I have the free time, I will think of L4D. Such addiction. My bro introduced the game to me on V-Day. You know la, V-day, we both mmg no date. So he and danny aak-ed me and zheng for dinner la. The loners for the night. Zaf joined in later on. We went Buffalo Steak House. Super full and service was pretty lag dat day. My food came at almost 10PM. Aaaarghhh.... Then while we were eating, suddenly we got the idea of going Cyber Cafe and play L4D. I have no idea how it works. Tried once at home only. pretty scary so I stopped. But dang, after trying my hands on it, I just couldnt stop. It was so lawak playing with danny, zheng and my bro. Hahahaha... My bro was like lebih onli running off by himself. But of course la, he made sure I was safe also.

The second time I played was with Kelvin, David, Michelle Lim, Danny, Zheng and my bro. It was after a round of steamboat buffet. This round was even funnier cos we played versus. One team played Zombies and another played the Survivors. Played a few rounds. Was freakin hilarious. At first I didn;t fancy playing zombies cos I dunnoe how to play them. then after that, I found that zombies are really really fun. The last round, I teamed up with Danny and Kelvin. Woots~! We won my bro's team. AHAHAHAHA~! Ahem,..

Okay, this is pretty addictive and we have one offline version one at home. And it is bad for homework I tell u... Anyway, this week I haven't been home. Stayed over at Dee's after a round of BBQ at her place. We invited our senior, Hong and also lecturer Kenny cos they lived at Ampang also. It was tiring but good nontheless. The next day went to class. Then yesterday Tan and I stayed over at Dee's again for Web Design. Wii was funny when we played Bowling. It was for a short while only cos Fadzil was doing silkscreen blocks and we couldn't on the lights.

Sigh...This has been a slacky term for me.... Sien... Especially for game... I dunnoe why it's so hard to lock an idea. But I guess that's part of the learning process. Same as web design... Feel like... Ugh....



saun said...

Because of the videos u put up.. i dun think i can sleep well tonight anymore

Chen said...

err...kenaper? Too gory?

weijin said...

Fuhhh...future pro-gamer in the making? come come buy xbox360 :D

saun said...

i don't get along well with zombies haha...

power ranger said...

L4D is the ultimate stress buster!
brainless killing ftw!

I like to get sprayed by the boomer.
makes me feel good. yeah!!

Chen said...

weijin : Aku tak kaya okieeeeeee. T_T Dan aku ni PS fellow.

Saun : Lol..what..encounter before har???

Power Ranger : Errrr... You sounded gila by saying u like being sprayed by boomer. o.O!