Thursday, February 12, 2009

Emo girl in the lift

Date : 12th February 2009
Time : 4.20PM
Listening to : A lot of people typing
Where : Video Lab - TOA

I was waiting for the lift at my apartment from the 3rd floor.

*Lift light blinks*

Muffled but pretty loud, a girl was crying and yelling inside the lift.

*Lift's door open*

A girl was very near the entrance and crying. Threw tantrums I guess. The boyfriend seemed at loss. The girl exited and cried like this... "Huh...Huh..Huh...". I was like this.... o.O!! Boyfriend looked at me and I entered the lift. He went out to the girlfriend who was still going "Huh...Huh..Huh..."

*Lift closes*

Thought to myself, "Ridiculous... Making such a scene in a public area."

Okay, so the lift may be considered private space for some. But I think some girls really lebih wanna menangis here and there so emo-ly and fight out of their home. My goodness. Fight somewhere else. It made me a bit uncomfy btw. Sigh. I hope I won't end up lidddat.

The lab is fulled of different terms punya people. I'm the only one from my class here. The rest scattered dunnoe go where d. Just finished discussion for Game Art and Planning. Yesterday night was horrible. MSN discussion went awry. So much confusion and frustration. I thought I might die nosebleeding. But everything went well today. Thank God.

Thank God for the 2.70 ringgit punya taxi. He answers prayers. This I am sure. Thank you Lord!


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