Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What a weekend...

Date : 13th August 2006
Time : 4.53PM
Listening to : Tell Laura I love her
Where : Bro’s room

Ok… Ju ended up not going Unisel (Stands for Universiti Industri Selangor)…. Not that she was choosy or what. She intended to enroll actually. She even packed her stuff d. But then, that place is really ulu and the nearest town is like 2 hours away. No public transportation and no church. It’s bad when it comes to NO church. It’s a big issue. Ok…long story….

Ok, on Saturday, I drove my bro to tuition… Heehee. Ok…Friday too… So fun… But I was muttering prayers all the way because I was alone for the first time and man…. that car‘s fuel meter memang show zero all the time and I didn’t know. I was like, “Are you kidding me? Don’t fail me now wei! Aaaah~!” *Bang*Bang* on the dashboard. (I’ve seen my cousin doing it for dunno what reason) And the meter rose a bit then dropped again. *Sweat*

Youth was like usual. Uncle Philip spoke on Exodus. Stopped a couple of times because he thought Ah Hwei was distracted. Haha…. Then, we had Captain Ball… It was like last week…only worse. I partnered Shaun at first and Yik How, Zheng and Marcus are a team. Then Jeremy joined our group. I became the goalie but had to run down and catch the ball too. Then Uncle Ivan joined my team. Jeremy belot go the other team. Ah Zheng kept on stealing our chair! And everything went crazy and so funny because we started dragging our chair around again. Then Yik How fought for the chair with Shaun because the new rule was that we can steal other’s chair. Haha. And Uncle Ivan helped Shaun to grab YH from the chair. Hahahahahaha! So funny. He just lifted YH from the chair effortlessly ler. And there was a period where Marcus and I was standing next to each other on our own chair and we fought for the ball. Shaun dirtied my shirt. He’s lucky that it’s not my youth shirt! Ah Zheng got confused because the chairs kept on moving and stolen.

Then at night, I went to Ju’s place. She told me about Unisel. She just got back. After that, I drove us to Papa Kopitiam. She was crazy! Made so much silly stuff like screaming, “Chenli’s driving! Move! Move!” and some other crazy stuff. Yoh… Stress* Cannot drive her la. She cracked me up. We had a great chat in PK. Melinda joined us at around ten plus. We talked about navind a bit. Then, Yen called Ju. Mel decided to go eat Tong Shui. So I drove Ju back cos I thought I left my stuff there. manatau after she ran around finding for it at home, I realized it was in my car. Hahah. I made her run with a full stomach. Mel drove us to the tong shui place. My youngest bro tagged along. What a crazy night.

Today service was ok. Finally get to see baby Sarah after 4 weeks. But she was sick so she got very very moody. In the kitchen, I had a perang mulut with that kiddo Ken. He did something and I disturbed him saying, “It’s not funny!” and he grinned and said, “It is!” and I said “It’s not funny!” and he repeated “it’s not!” and it went on and on. I pretended to merajuk and walked away. Then when I came back, he said, “Big nose!”… And I said, “Big stomach!” and he laughed and said, “Big nose!” and I said, “Big stomach!”…. Waaaa…SO long this went on. Then, I joined Joel and Ken in the play room. I lost! 4 - 1!!!!! First it was the right hand push then left hand push. I lost! 2 against 1 ok…. Then it was a butt fight. I lost… How can one butt win 2? Then it was the arm wrestle… Ahem… Of course I won la… even though they tried to play cheat. Luckily Celine supported me. Then it was a hand push sitting down with Ken. Play cheat one!!!!! Joel pushed from behind! *Frown* Then Joel and Celine had to go home liao. Next appointment is next week. Nyahnyahnyah!!!! I am not bullying kids okkkk…. I helped Ken to packed his toys. He kept on trying to fool me. And I carried his teeny weeny bag. Sheesh… Ini budak.

Then we had devotion. Shaun joined us. What a devo… Banyak bising. -.-!!! After devo, a group of us gathered around the piano and started singing nonsense. We had our own version of High School Musical and it was so hilarious. Cacat man…. Then got pancaragam from Shaun and Jeremy.

Come back only, had to bring my bros go eat lunch. Then my mom asked who’s fetching my bro to tuition so I said me la. Then she went, “You??? You can not?” *Sweat* To be honest, she didn’t even know I was the one driving my bro to tuitions for the past few days…. Blur nyer…Then I said yes I can so she said ok. She’s more easy going about stuff like this. But not long after that my dad called. He asked, “You can drive mer?”…. I said yes. Then he said, “How many times you drove liao?” and I said, “Many times… I fetched your son to tuition for a couple of days liao ler dad…” Then he went, “When wanna cut must see you noe?” And I said, “Yes, dad” And he said.. “Ok ok…”… Hahaha….

I finally get to go to Yi Kwan’s house. For the first time since I knew her. She’s my best friend for like 11 years and I haven’t been to her house… How weird…. Glad to see her. May her journey to find the true God be fruitful laaaa….. She’s reading so much on Islam and Buddhism and I am so gonna get her a Bible. Since she wants to know more ma…. And talking about how the Dead Sea got her name seriously cracked me up…Muahaha!

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