Friday, August 04, 2006

I am soooooooo geram!

Date : 5th August 2006
Time : 12.34PM
Listening to : My own madness

Yeah!!! I am so geram! It's like the 2nd time that i'm being asked not to go!And now what? The worst song ever you can listen to when you are mad is SHE songs. They are the worst singers everrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Ok... when i'm mad la of course. But i seriously am so geram!I hate the way i feel ler. Yeah... it is so reasonable with all those things they said which made me unreasonable if i argue about it. And asked if i'm ok and stuff... What else can i say right? I'm always the "'s ok... i am ok... i am not mad... go on with whatever your plans are... i can live with it..." Mannn... This is madness when you get so mad and yet you keep on thinking you are at fault. Grrrr.... I am just so... dunno what to say. So crap. Ok...i won't dwell in this hostile feeling towards myself. I can live with it. Yeah, so everything they said is right and yeah yeah... i am overreacting in the office by myself. Yeah, there goes... chen li... the problem maker. Never ending history.... I need to be pacified... And shan... great job about that getting married, study and work joke. Kinda like worked. Let's just be quiet about what the issue is all about yea... Thanks neway.

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