Thursday, August 31, 2006

This is for Hwei

Sigh... In the office alone now... Merdeka day sammo... My darling in sad... (My darling = my laptop) Have to do some alteration for Mr. Kc. Cis... Neway... Andrew called last night... Finally...After waiting for it... BUT i tertidur...Bodoh!!!!! Haha..Takper... He'll call one day i guess. And he dropped me a message 2 hours before he left.

I read Hwei's blog for the first time ever. The blogspot one. Well, it set me thinking... Did i actually made her feel so insignificant? I was really sorry about it when i read about it. Hwei.. Seriously... You are not insignificant. Whenever i think about MGC, i will think about you too because you just so...part of my life already that i took you for granted you see... I mean, i took for granted of alot of people until when they are leaving only i will realize that , YES... i do love them you know. I mean, Hwei, i hope you will be reading this cos' seriously,. you are not just my church member okay because you are more than that. I've made you feel small and stuff like that but you are not. So, i am really sorry for every single thing that i've done or not done to make you feel like you are my friend and also a sister. And don't think that i am writing this to make you feel better or even me better. I am writing this down so that you will know that you are not just a passing breeze. You tornado man! Kakaka! K la kla... Let's not make this awkward. I summarize eh? Ok... Ah Hwei is equally impostant in my life as other people and she super introvert but...nah... maybe not after i train you up... Hehe... So, i am sorry okay? And don't go.. "Chenli! Nooo...i don't mean to make you feel bad or something like that... and blablabla" And goes on and on about how you shouldn't have written it down or something like that cos' i think you should have. And yeah...just so you know... i don't think you brag so yeah... Don't worry about it. And also.... keep on trying to drown the biscuits/pau's/bread or whatsoever in your murky/brownish MILO... Ewww... Hahaha... I shall save my food from you!

Lastly... This is not to make either of us feel okay... But... We are okay, right?


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