Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Nolstalgic Night Out

Date : 30th August 2006
Time : 12.18AM
Listening to : Let my words be few - Passion Worship Band

Hmmm… Andrew left the departure hall already. I called him but his battery kong liao… He called back after that and we talked awhile. Aih… He said it was sadder than last year. I think so too. I guess it’s because he already knew how America is like… SO no excitement or something like that. Sedih giler… Well, Chuan will agree ar. He called me just now… What a funny conversation. He went, “Chenli?” You know, the last time he called was years ago and I went, ‘Thye Chuan!” cos you know…just like a rare occasion for him to call and he said, “Ae…you angry ar?” And I went blur … “What angry? With what.. Don’t tell me it’s the blog thingy that made u think I’m mad ar” And then he said, ‘No no…. The MSN message..” And I lagi blur cos’ I was slacking off today and I went back home and sleep. Haha… And I told him I didn’t online but prob. my cousin. And he told me what happened. He said he saw my nickname saying, ‘Umpama bidadari…kau selalu menenangkan ku’ and he messaged me saying, “Umpama monyet…kau menggelikan hati aku” Hahaha… Waaa… When I heard that I laughed like dunno what… Then he said I replied him, “FU”… Chai chai ar…bad words… And he thought I was mad. Sorry man Chuan… It wasn’t me ar…My cousin ar… Sorry yea. Btw, you don’t have to be so worried over it ar…. I will be the last person to tembak you over monkey business. Then we talked for a while on the phone and yeah…I guess we do care about that JPA dude ar… He asked if I cried ar.. Cis… Diam ar Chuan… This week meet up with you… Then Andrew messaged saying “My hp no battery d…sorry…ask shan ar..I wanna go fly d…sob sob..i’ll mis u” And I replied back la. And then the message came, “He left the departure hall already. Andrew’s pa”… Aih… Guess we’ll meet again next year if Chuan’s prediction comes true. Hehe…

Just now went out with Juliana and Yen Mei. Went to eat malim’s Ah Ne. Hmmm… It was just like usual you know… Yen ordered ice kacang and after that Ju and her will be off getting some other food while I will be at the table there waiting. But then you know, I was looking when they walked off and laughing and joking… I felt something warm rushing inside of me. Sigh… They will not know how much I will miss them. *Sob* Then we went MP with Ju’s parents. Yen went to got some of her pictures (Actually 103…not some) from her computer to get it developed. Then we went burger king to eat. Siao man! We had such laughs… The move of the day is John’s Cena “You can’t see me” and his shoulder thingy. Lawak sial…. Totally tortured Ju. Then we had a conversation about stuff like Yen and I when hang out with guy friends, they won’t think that we are girls. Cis bedebah. Then we went to the book shops and stuff before Yen going off to get the pictures… Wah piang… No manners mia fella… Go cut off Yen’s pic. Cis… What a disgrace and disappointment for a good photographer. Cis… Kesian si Yen. Then Ju, Yen and I too some of the pics to the shop to complain and left the rest with Auntie Tina. Complained complained lagi kitorang tak puas… Cis… Nemind… We left anyway… kesian mia Yen. Then we went to get Auntie Tina and Uncle Anthony. Auntie Tina said she sees all the pics with us in it she feels like crying. She cried though. Haih… Kinda like sad also cos’ I’m leaving d. So many departures in just a month. Ok.. maybe only 2. First, I have to see Andrew cabut balik. Aduih. Then I have to leave. Cis… Gonna so miss my family, my church members and my friends like Juliana, Yen, Hema, Yi Kwan and Shan… Cis… These few days hang with him. Reminded me of last time. Per la. Then we went to Tengkera for dinner. Yen was browsing through the pictures. So many pictures of us. Seriously… Never ever in my life I thought I will end up being so close to them lor. Well, like what Yen said, they thought I was always with the other group. I beg to differ. I am a drifter. I was with yikwan, people…. And I was with Dhanya and Vivian too. But praise God for His wonderful plans. Gosh… We had so much great memories. I am so reluctant to leave now. Haih… Oh yea..haha…
On the way to MP that time, Ju said that this Sunday we should sing a song for Uncle Tony, our kawan. Haha… We will sing in the tune of Ashlee Simpson’s L.O.V.E song. We will sing, “T-O-T-O-N-Y! Let me hear you say!” Hahaha and so on… Gila man..And Yen came up with “ Gimme a T! Gimme an O! Gimme a N! Gimme a Y! Gimme TONY!” Hahahahaha! Siao man… And I went, “Tony!Tony!Tony! We want Tony!” Hahaha… Lawak sial… We really drive Uncle Tony mad man… Auntie Tina says last time it was Ju’s sister’s batch. Now it’s our turn. then after us no one else d…That’s why we need to train people up… Haha…. And Ju said that a lot of people told her that her gang is like so much more crazier that her sister’s. And her sister’s gang takes pictures nice nice one while we all take all the nonsense one. Kakaka… tak fotogenic la kitorang…Aper nak buat. Then we talking about Geng Yi… Haha..Tak sangka he can tahan us three. I will really vote that we’re the sampat-est people I’ve known. Well… talking about laughing… I kena a lot from that 3 stooges (Alch, Chuan, Shan)… “This girl can’t stop laughing sial…”

*Break* Kejut man… Just received a message from Andrew’s number that goes, “U are welcome. We are on the way back to melaka” Kakaka… Bodoh mia me… I was thinking, “What? Andrew balik Melaka?” before I reminded myself that it was Andrew’s Pa. Cheh….

Tomorrow… Ju, Yen, Hema and I will probably gather in Yen’s place for our Merdeka photoshooting. Haahaa… Semangat kemerdekaan! Yeh… And maybe will take some old school pics ar…. I want the sawah Yen….

My heart treasures your tears… Forgiving you for your errors…

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