Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A satisfying weekend!

Date : 29th August 2006
Time : 2.19AM
Listening to : Who am I - Casting Crowns

Finally get to blog about last week. K… This will be long… =) Okay… I was able to make it for Andrew’s gathering. Actually I thought I won’t be able to. I went to Youth Meeting late cos’ got some work. By the time I reached, Uncle Jeff already started his sermon. He talked about being a religious person and a Jesus person. Taught me about judging others. Then, we had captain ball. Liaoo… crazy one this time. Childish one also. Haha… Cos I disturbed Livia whenever she got the ball. I was quite sad actually dunno why… I think it was because I felt that I just got to know her better but I have to leave in a week d. I am so going to miss the people in Malacca. Then I followed Juliana back to her home. haha.. Long story la… Kevin, CK and Stephen were invited to have dinner at her place and I bising-ed because I was not.. Kakaka… Then I disturbed Ju for being unfair and stuff and I just wouldn’t let her explain. But the reason why she didn’t call me because she thought I was going to Andrew’s gathering. I thought I was too until I realized I can’t drive there that night. So, I ended up going her place. Gila mia MMU-ians… before I go KL already started to scare me with snatch thefts and stuff… *Frown” Auntie Tina cooked Hainanese Chicken Rice. Syoh… Got pizzas sammo… Hehe… You know, I’ve always thought the boys’ stomachs can take in a lot of food… I was wrong la… They reserved the pizzas for supper. Haha…

Uncle Anthony dropped me off at my place when they were on their way to church for Uncle Jeff’s sermon. Shannon messaged and told me Mel will come and fetch me… Waaa Liao… How to ask mom whether can go out again or not when I wasn’t even inside the house again. Phew…luckily she went, “Har? Again? Okay okay….” *Sweat* Quickly went to bath and change and Mel came to get me. Fuh.. Si Shan tu gentleman betul…Let me sit in front. (Shan.. Real or not? Or you scared accident? LOL) And yeh…finally get to know where’s Andrew’s new place. Banhyaknyer orang…I want pengsan liao. Thank God that he let us 3 have his room and we hang there like nobody’s business…. Too bad he’s too busy to layan us ar… Can’t believe the whole thing repeat again… I thought it is so over last year with all those MGSS teachers coming and stuff… The teachers thought I work liao… Aduih… (Cher… No la… I belum masuk uni also) Then, Shan played the guitar. He’s good… No kidding but he still owed me my guitar strings! You left it to rot man Shan! Andrew came upstairs once in a while. But not for long ar… Busy man la he…. Then Andrew’s dad came up and asked for the guitar… Mel and Shan tagged along downstairs to see him play… (Yeah… that 2 guitar players) and so alch and I sat down on the floor and talked then tetiba…”Andrew! Andrew!” haha… Mom called liao… Adoih…Then he told his mom he was talking with me…And he came back in and we talked about his life in the states and then, “Andrew! Andrew!” Hahaha…. Adoih…. Nemind la Andrew… Geng Yi called somewhere in between and asked to go yam char but I can’t la..Sorry yea GY… I think he went with yen after that. Then Shan and Mel came back. Mel was so quiet… I wonder why.

When we were about to go back, we gathered outside his house. Shan and Mel ended up playing guitar in the middle of the road… And I caught up with Andrew again. Then I sat down and watched that 2 exchanging info bout guitar’s chords or something like that. Alch’s neighbor so cute man… He’s a kid around the age of 9+ or something. So lawak. He was inside his house and he called out to Shan to play louder and sing for him louder. Liaooo…And he said Shan sang too soft. Ghahaha!! Think back also wanna laugh.
Went back dunno what time liao…

Then on Sunday, a lot of my church members thought I was leaving the next day…Sorry man… Wrong info… I felt like a celeb man…haha… They wanna take pictures with me! Super SS liao… (Shaun ar! jangkitan yang tidak baik!) And during breakfast, we had such a laugh over Adrian’s blushing… Waaa… this is real gila man… Cannot tahan… he always go, “hey sista!” to me… haha… Lawak… After devo, Aaron ajak us youth for cendol. (Piggy Federick simply mess people’s hair…*Frown*) So GY fetched us the 3 stooges and Aaron fetched Sherene, Sharonne, Lilian and his another girl friend. Totally kena bully man Aaron. Haha…lawak betul during the cendol thingy. After that, GY fetched us to the Coconut House for pizza but belum buka ar…So ended up going Tesco. While Ju and Yen were paying for some stuff in Popular… GY and I witnessed something so funny…Cannot tahan..had to take picture. Nyahnyahnyah! Then, went home at around 2pm and mom asked me fetch my bro to tuition which is at 3PM. They asked me makan first but I “chai-chai” I takda masa one… My bro cabut-ed go bath and I went up to my room and grabbed 2 little ghost thingy that I bought in Thailand but still haven’t found the right person to give to. That day I found the right person to have it. I wrapped it up in such haste and wrote a short note and dumped it in a paper bag and chucked in the letters that I wrote last year but never did sent it. My bro bising-ed me say he’ll be late liao and I was supposed to fetch Yen and Ju for badminton at 3.45PM. No time to change also after coming back from church have to fetch my bro to tuition d and after that I drove to Andrew’s place. tak puas ar the day before…Aper ni… Too many people we can’t talk one. Gila… I scratched my dad’s Perdana! Liao… haha… Passed Andrew the stuff and we had a chat. Yea…that was better than the day before. He’s like one of my closest friend ever man. And he’s so leaving d and I always..ALWAYS ffk him one. Kesian…Sorry heh, alch… I was really busy. Tak tipu mia… really…. And eh..kawan… If you are reading this… Just because you’ve never seen me in skirt doesn’t mean I tak pakai okay? Cute = retarded… Laugh all you want. *Frown*

Was late fetching Yen and Ju…Aper la Yen! Tunggu kejap pun tak leh…ish… You know how scary or not driving that car into ur sawah road…Tension sial… *Sweat* I think Ju sweat more… haha… Badminton I played 3 games. No mood ar…. Sedih mia sedih…Cis… US man… Per la Alch..So smart for what…. Now gov. send you far far… per la! Then after badminton I fetched my bro back from tuition and Ju, Yen, me and my bro went to eat Ice Pat-poh…My driving was crazy! If it wasn’t for God…I will be in such big trouble…. *Real sweat* Then I sent Yen and my bro back before sending ju back to bath. We had a PS2 date. haha… We stopped by Melinda’s hse a while though. Had 2 muffins. Nice… then we went back to my place and eat then we on the WWE RAW/Smackdown game. She took kane again! And I of course take John Cena… Waaa… Super extremely lawak playing with her. Common sentences used, ‘Put me down!”… “Gimme back my leg!”… “Aaargh!!!”… “Gosh…I hate John Cena”…. “Your Big Bad Croc is so ugly I don’t wanna touch you…”… “ Don’t la Chenli… Let me stand up….” … “ I don’t like that stupid exercise !” … “I no more stamina….Let me stand…”… “Take this! Eat this! Hmmph! Don’t let me stand up la! Eat this! Kakakaka!” … “John Cena is so ugly…”… “You can’t see me!” … “Rematch!!”And most of the time rolling on the bed laughing until sore throat. Gila…. Hahaha…. But it was fun playing that stupid game. My bro trashed me of course. Ju loves my john Cena… Hahaha!

Then today… Okay…yesterday la since past 12AM liao… I went to send Thye Chuan off in Sentral. Andrew was there d. Gila la then Thye Chuan… Crapz sial… Spiky shoes and bag? haha… Siao man… We had such hilarious talk. Alch started the topic about bad dreams and he said he dreamt something like Final Destination one. And I shared that my nightmare was funny. I dreamt of Chuan died because he ate pork. kakaka! Waaaa… No kidding ler… I was so sad because he ate pork and died. Hahaha… And Chuan said his worst nightmare was his mom died because of Sugus…. Hahaha! That one I really cannot tahan. I ketawa until wanna die. The way he said it was so funny. Then we walked him outside. he called me monkey…wah lao… Chuan… Tolong ler… First I’m not a girl…now I am a monkey… tak guner… He then let me hear a very funny recording from his phone… It was a girl singing in the shower. they heard her when they were walking past her hse… haha…Then before he went up the bus, he gave both of us a hug. Sweaty fella. Then Alch and I went to Tesco and got some stuff. Sampat-ed man…. Then we went for ice kacang in malim Ah-Ne… Then sent him back. Passed him some stuff before he reached home. hah! Read until buta…Listen until pekak… Nyahnyahnyah… And yes, alch… Aku dah puas dah.

Then I went to fetch my parents and bro and then after dinner went to do the Tangkak hotel layout. then Shan messaged asked me see Siti’s wedding… No astro ar..kong liao… then he said wanna go out. I said cannot cos’ got work..see how… But ended up going also. Went to get his “sei tong” Andrew. Aiyooo… So tired of you la… Hehe… Takper…takper..kitorang tahan heh… Then we went papa Kopitiam. Gila..really gila..cannot stop laughing…Memang gila… We talked about alch mia “ahem” abit abit… Haha… K k…. Shhh… Diam…aku diam… Hehehehe…. Tortured Shannon. Nyahnyahnyah…He got a birth mark on his arm... Most of us will be pressing his birthmark and he will go, 'Eh! Don't la press my button!" And he sang that PSD song...Wah piang... Come on man Shan… You drive like that I will break my nose one day ler. Jaga la sikit…. I know la you all think I’m not a girl but jaga la sikit… Broken nose sakit ar. *Grinz*

And yeah, Alch…Have to adobe our face ar…Shan too photogenic… No place to stand man… I’ll give him pimples eh?

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