Tuesday, August 22, 2006

An evening in the factory...

Yesterday, my dad asked my cousin to fetch me to the factory. Got some kind of a function something....related to the ghost month one. I didn't wanna go. Wanted to fake sick...i mean... i really did have a headache. But after sulking for a while, i ended up going. When i reached there, i told my dad, "Pa... I won't take any joss sticks ok?" And he nodded... Then i didn't feel sulky about it d. I went there at around six. Every year, my parents (The boss) will gather the factory workers and their family for this function. My mom cooked and stuff like that and they will have someone to help out with the prayers and stuff. But, this year, my dad called a lot of his friends lor.

When i reached there, the ladies were folding the dead people's money or something la. And i sat beside my mom. And helped her hold the paper. Then suddenly she said, "Eh...You Christian hor.... Cannot touch..." Then i told her touch only nemind one. Which i personally think it's alright since i was just preventing it from flying and stuff. At 6.45, i went to get my 18 year old bro from home.... then go fetch my lil' bro from tuition. Darn freaky to drive out from the factory. Then i came back to the factory and i saw my uncle and then i saw my dad's sister and husband in a Kancil driven by a girl. I thought it was my cousin cos' she came my house that morning. Then i noticed that it was not. It was cousin's girlfriend. First time i get to see her face to face. Not bad. Only 18. Not long after that i was sent off to buy stuff again... Wah... Got license = drebar.... My bros tagged along and pestered me to drop them at home. K looo.... And for the 7th time... i forgot to off the car's lights when i got down from the car. -.-!

Neway, it was a very noisy evening. Uncle Adrian played cards with the ladies. So the funny. Hahaha.... My dad's friends are seriously jokers man. Real lawak. Ah Choi uncle will just give me a hi-five when he sees me... Kakaka... His 2 year old son very very adorable one... No kidding...He went on the PD trip with us. Then it was time for cutting up the roasted pig. Cannot tahan... Sheesh.... My cousin and i gave the same reaction.... People offered us the legs, we went.."Yerrrr".... So lawak the way they eat... Like never eat pork before. Uncle Bonnie was like, "Arrr... This one's the best.... This one good..." But i ended up eating a few... Nice...

Then my mom asked me and my cousin to distribute the food they she bought (Like canned food, rice, oil, maggi mee, fruits and stuff) to the workers. You know, when i was looking over to the factory workers, i was kinda like thinking to myself.... "I was the only Christian here" Quite sad actually seeing everyone there like that. If ever one day i take over the business... Haha... Bible study every friday... Just kidding just kidding.... Then Man (The indon worker), he asked for a can of lychees... So i gave him. I was covered with the joss sticks dust... Sheesh. Then i sat down with Uncle Benny's daughters and we played cards also. And we had such crazy night. So funny. The elder one was Jill and the younger one (currently working with us) is Joanne. At around 10.45PM, my mom asked me to drive back first and Jill and Joanne tagged along. Tired man... Seriously.

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