Monday, August 21, 2006

Yen's Birthday!

Date : 21st August 2006
Time : 4.14PM
Listening to : The other half of me - Bobby Darin

Yesterday was Yen's birthday. Fuh~! Finally got another fella join the non "teens" group. Now waiting for Juliana only. The late baby. -.-! Good also la... December can get to eat 2 times. Kakaka... Ok...About yesterday... I think Yen won't post much la since she's more on pictures. So, i'll do the boring part la. WoOorddssss.....

I was supposed to drive yesterday. But tak jadi. Still "young".... Haha.... After i came back from badminton, i got ready for Yen's birthday lor. Mel came at around 7.45PM plus minus... Stress man.... She's hungry. Meaning, everybody....stay off the road. No kidding. Nemind that... Mel came up with a place for us to go. Havana... Dunno where's that actually. It was so hidden. Just across from the Koperasi Polis mia budget hotel and near the Mei Lin Vegetarian Restaurant. Nice place. Honest... Very nice place. Kla... Recommend to those who wanna go dating ar or wanna have nice food with little budget below RM20. I really like the interiors. I won't talk much on the food there la... See how it goes. But the food there can easily lawan Secret Recipe mia main course and cakes. No kidding. We ordered one Apettizer, 5 main courses (One person each laaa), 6 drinks, 1 Tuna Mayo croissant and 2 cheese cakes. Minus the cheese cakes, (Sponsored by us...not yen...Birthday girl ma) it all totaled up to only RM123.06.... All on Yen, of course. Thanks Yen.

That place gives off a very nice ambience to the surrounding. It has nice music and it was supposed to be a quiet place to eat. BUT.... with our presence, it will never be quiet. We talked so much nonsense and it was really very hilarious you know. We were all really happy to be able to gather around that evening. We did not buy Yen any gift yet cos' she still dunno what she wants. We were having our meal half way when Geng Yi messaged me. Then Yen sms-ed him back and so on. And Mel gave him the direction to Havana. Ju decided that she was still hungry after the main course. So, Yen asked for the menu. Mel tried calling for the waiter. I tried whistling (which got stares from my was a joke la friend!) and then tried clapping. Yen then finally raised her hand and caught the malay waiter and she drew a rectangle in the air, indicating for the menu. Sheesh.... It reminded me of Jing Yi and Abby in Shibaraku. Nevermind that. Then, Mel gestured me to follow her. So i did. She decided to buy cakes for Yen. And we went to the counter. Hmmm... The cheesecakes looked really nice. Then this guy, i think the boss' son attended to us. He reminded me of our church's Daniel Lim. Not look-a-like but just somehow reminded me of him. So i told Mel and she said quite. Then he told us the cheesecakes contained NO FLOUR.... Woooo...Pure cheese man... nice man. Totally beat Secret Recipe.

We decided on one slice of Dark Chocolate cheesecake and one slice of Cookies cheesecake. We asked them to put 2 big candles on the cakes. The cakes were delicious. Yen seemed to enjoy it. Actually, every single one of us (Yen, Ju, Hema, Mel and I) were really noisy. Hema and i noticed that the waiter were like laughing at us because we were so gila. Geng Yi joined us after that. Yen decided that she want a foam mustache.... So, we all had on one and GY helped us to take a picture of it. Waaa... Real gila. Yen can pose pose outside the toilet feature wall sammo. Ju entered the wrong toilet... She enteresd the "Gents" toilet. Wahahaha! Actually i didn't notice. I saw one on the left and another on the right so i entered the one on the right. So Ju took the left. When she closed the door, Hema said, "Ae...Ju... You entered the men's toilet" Kakaka..... Siao... I like the sink design. Very unique... Not common but not new in market la. Jarang i get to see.

Then, from Havana, all 6 of us went to Jonker. By then i was quite drained liao. No energy. Somewhere along the way, GY and i lost the other 4 girls. So i aid to him, " Dun worry.... Just go to the side and wait... They won't be ahead of us... They will be behind us" Then he asked me how i know... I just know lor. That 4 fellas ar... In Jonker walk will definately stop at stalls for sometime one. So it's not impossible to just pass by them. So, we went to the side and waited. We started talking on some issues. He taught me something new actually. It's "I won't know until i am in that situation".... Hmmm.... A food for thought. Then, we saw the four of them at the opposite road. Nyahnyahnyah.... I was right. Sometimes it's just so weird that i know them that well. Then we continued walking until we say one shop that sells clothes at a very high price. Super cut-throat one.... Mel and GY decided to go see the lamps outside while Yen, Ju, Hema and I went inside the shop. Yen spotted one pair of shoes. Very unique one. But we won't buy one la. Then yen went outside. Dunno what she did and Ju tried to call her but she can't hear. And i tried...tak jadi... So, i said aloud, "Qing Ai de!"... Kakaka.... Lawak sial... She heard me of course.

Then we tried the marshmallow dipped with chocolate. I malas d man.... On the way back to the car, we stopped by Calanthe... Our hang out spot. Took some pictures with the weird looking giraffe. We got to know from the staff there that her name was Gigi... Mel talked to the staff there and some silly questions about the giraffe's gender arose. And i gave a silly answer. Real silly that they laughed and doubted if i was really that tired. I can't tell the the whole answer here because it's really silly. I was really out of my mind. No energy liao. We cancelled our plan to go Taman Asean's Tong Sui....

Although i was really tired, i really enjoyed my time with them. Yen, real glad for yesterday. Glad that i DID hug you. Hehe... Happy Birthday....

P/s: Pictures.... Go to Yen's blog... Pretty sure she'll upload it. Sure Filmloop one...

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