Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Date : 7th August 2006
Time : 10.21PM
Listening to : Okay…not exactly listening to anything, I am in fact watching House.
Where : TV room

Well, quite distracted right now… can’t exactly type properly without using the “Backspace” key… I am really trying really hard to just type without looking at the keyboard and screen. Not too bad… Just now I saw an advertisement on Animal Planet, which says this, “Sex is a very selfish game in animals’ kingdom”… Okay…somewhere along that line. It made me went…”Huh?”… Isn’t it the same for every species on earth? Okay… I was siding human actually but let’s drop this. And Dr. House just went super lame with his teachings. I mean, he’s attending to a bunch of medic students and they are discussing on some patients’ cases. I love watching him, really but I really do not want to be his students because he will make me go mad with his weird antics and stuff… Antics… is there even such word? I think so…. Haha… I just saw one funny scene. This guy was bitten by his dog and House sent two of his doctors to get a sample of that dog’s saliva. Well, that dog is crazy and okay… I will not continue… It doesn’t sound that funny anymore after I put it in words… Hmmm…

Well, last Friday, we had our regular CG meeting. We’re continuing on our Chapter 6 of 1 Corinthian. This time, we had a more “legal” topic to discuss on. Uncle Philip asked us a question that went, “If a Christian is suing you in court, what will you do?” This question was asked cos’ we were reading on 1 Cor 6:1-10… About Christians suing another in court. *Just went to take ice-cream in da fridge* Uncle Philip gave us a situation… Say, a Christian brother decided to sue you for something and you need to pay him RM 30,000…. What will you do? Will you fight him in court or give him the RM 30,000 and be declared a bankrupt? Okay, so, after a thought, I decided to go with the second option cos’ what I gathered from the verse (My own understanding), we’re not to go against our bro in court ma. So, that’s my answer. Okay, apparently, my understanding was not quite right and I choose to go with Uncle Philip. Malas wanna elaborate here. =) Neway, Ju and I had a lot of rambutans sponsored by Auntie Grace that night. And what I actually realized that night was, when I say I am full, I do mean it but even after saying it, I will still continue eating because I feel like it. Thank God for Ju….she shared the exact syndrome… Compulsive Eating Disorder… Haha… Just kidding but the above are real, minus the CED.

On Saturday, I asked for the day off from my mom. I will get it no matter what cos’… Hmmm…. Let me think…. Dang…. I dunno why. Guess I want it. I woke up darn late that day… At around noon and my sis and Raymond were still asleep. Dad called and said he will bring us for lunch. So, I packed my Bible and the Bible Study book. We went to Kampung Pantai for lunch. I really love this place. It’s near Jonker and this is the only place that has a well. They’re still using it right up to now. And I really like this place because it gave that “Good Old Days” feel. They have like 4 generations working there. Loved their simple food. It’s really down to the minimal. But it’s nice. Got into a chat with the auntie there about the birds. Since young, (Yea…we went there since young) we noticed the same species of bird in the cage. It’s a magpie and she told us that it’s for fighting entertainment purpose. Cool, eh? Would like to watch one day. Then, dad dropped me at the church. Uncle Ivan is our teacher. We were discussing a lot about lies. Lies are the language of Satan because he is the father of all lies. So, when we lie, we’re actually speaking in Satan’s language. No such thing as white lie…I’ve learned that. So, I have a big problem now… No white lie. It does not exist. Somewhere in Hebrews said, “Tell the truth in love”…. Okay…tell the truth in love. After Bible Study, Yen and I had a chat about her moral play. Got very excited until, well, we thought it’s not very moral related but I must agree that it’s a good story line.

Worship was abit emo for me when it came to the song, “To the ends of the earth”… Right now I am thinking, will I really? I sincerely hope I will but I must admit I am not very sure about it. And then, we had an OA testimony giving after viewing the pictures. There were a few real lawak moments. You know what, (Especially for Geng Yi)… I really don’t like giving testimony…. not that I don’t appreciate God’s presence and works in my life but I don’t like giving them because it made me cry! It’s ridiculously horrible to just cry when you talk in public… Sigh~ Okay, I shall give testimony when I am asked but I don’t think I will ever volunteer. *grin* Then, some o the youths had a practice for song worship tomorrow. Shaun, Ju, GY, Yen, Fong Wan, Yik How and Jess had a game of Captain Ball. It’s hard… Cos’ there’re so little people. I thought it wouldn’t be that hard by watching since they don’t seemed like they were out of breath. I had a chat with Daniel. I wasn’t being in the mood for a game but I gave it a try neway. I joined Ju, Yen and Shaun’s group… Yea… the PSK clan. The driver joined the other group. This is the craziest one ever. It was so tiring. We had to run more and Shaun and Yik How, being the goalie decided to play every part, the defender, goalie and players. It’s hard to describe but it was fun, really. The game ended up having a real change and we started dragging our chair along with us and we get our goalie up to catch the ball whenever it’s strategic. I started dragging the chair along after Jess kept on stealing our chair away. Sheesh. I decided to “protect” our chair. Then Yik How followed suit. The whole game ended up having both chair next to each other and everyone trying to score. Laughing and running and yelling at the same time… It was a good exercise. Really. It cheered me up… real up!

I went back home and had a bath. Melinda, Ju, Yen, Hema and I were to go Calanthe that night. While waiting, I decided to continue with my RE : Outbreak game. Shucks man…. Mel arrived before I even found a saving point. Ended up making them wait for me. I shall not just waste my game. Hehe. Mom nagged a lil before I was off to Calanthe. It was fun. I was a bit at lost actually. Finally had my smoothie BUT…. it was too sweet…. Gosh… I am not into sweet stuff nowadays but I gulped it down neway. Tried finding for the nyonya kuih but can’t find it. Dad asked me to buy it for our PD trip the next day…(Will blog about it later)… Then, we went to Taman Asean for “Tong Sui”…. I had a craving for it and so did Ju. And I got my own “theme song” there…. “I like to mov it…mov it…” Yea, linked to the way I laughed. I moved… I mean…in a very funny way… So, I do like to express my laughter freely but guess as much that most joke on me will last for at least a few days…. We’ll see about this. And Yen’s one didn’t hit her that much cos apparently mine… has more impact. Not very nice…but I can live with it. Anyway, I left like 3 weeks before I run out of my weekly dose of my friends’ teasing. I will miss it. But at the mean time, I shall be putting on my annoyed face to tune down their laughter… haih…. Love you guys.

Ends : 11.28PM
(I am so going to eat another large serving of ice-cream)
*Oh, and btw…Hwei, I am dropping my “it’s okay” habit…So, no worries…I hope..*wink*

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