Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last Month...

Date : 1st August 2006
Time : 11.33PM
Listening to : Rescue - Jared Anderson
Where : TV Room (Home)

K… 1st of August…. My last month here. Left 4 weeks. Yea yea…No big deal. It’s only KL… Sigh~ Maybe it sounds real dumb to feel reluctant about leaving for KL. Have so many friends who enjoyed KL life so much that every time they come back, they will complain about how boring Malacca is. Is it really THAT boring? I really don’t think so. It really depends on how and who you spent your time with actually. Haih…. KL…. Starting to dread going that place. Have to make new friends… Find new church… Equivalent to starting anew. I did my QT just now. Nothin much. But I remembered telling God about stuff that I’m reluctant to leave behind. Besides family of course. All my life… I never thought of me hanging out with Juliana, Yen Mei and Hema. Well, maybe Juliana… but only in da bus. *Sigh* They are my closest buddies ever. And so I did get to leave first. I’m going to make myself sound real ungrateful now. I don’t wanna leave. Amazing how God really blessed me with those people in my life. I’m so going to miss my lil’ bro. Yeah…weird that it’s coming out from me. I’m soooo going to be homesick… Really. Gonna miss those church people also. During these past few weeks, I managed to get to know some people better. Better now than never I guess. Aih~ I’m so going to miss disturbing our Yang Amat Berhormat Uncle Tony. *LOL* Better train Yen up to take my place. *You hear me Yen?* Why am I even feeling this way? TOA is the place I want to be, isn’t it?

I’ll drop that topic. Today, Yen came by my office to fetch me to her hse. Supposed to help her with the video thingy. She bought me a Spicy Foldover. She’s always fulfilling our kempunan but hers usually not fulfilled. Sorry Yen. Next time when I can finally be trusted to drive around, I’ll definitely try to fulfill yours. At least before I leave. (Dang!) On the way to her place, I started with my fries. Had a chat with Yen. She showed me something on her palm. It was written, “This world has nothing for me”…. It’s from the song Rescue by Jared Anderson. it’s a Christian song. It’s about following Jesus. Something along that line. Felt so sleepy after having my foldover at her place. She tried downloading Ulead VideoStudio9. It took such a long time. So, we watched Jack’s moral video presentation. Lawak man… The drug addict one was funny. And Jack looked seriously blur man…exactly like what Yen described to me. (Good work Jack) Then, Yen did her notes copying… Good girl… Cos we tak jadi do the video. I forgot totally about the video in 3gp form. Just not compatible with the editing software. Too bad. Yen had a pretty good concept. Just can’t be carried out. Oh, btw… Ju started work with Uncle Philip today. Wonder how she did. Then, Yen and I watched High School Musical. Finally man…. But, not very impressive. Okay la. I like the part where they sang Stick To The Status Quo. Cool dance man. But seriously… Something wrong with Gabriella part. The part when she sang When There Was Me and You. She looked WAY too happy to be broken hearted and she did some sort of a happy dance. I mean… What? And I like Chad so much… Way more than Troy. Haha. What an impressive hair he got there.

Transferred some songs and pics from Yen’s comp. And she have a really overloaded hard disk man… Need a real clean up man…. Then, yen and I went over Ah Neh there and ate Ice kacang. All the way out from her house to that makan place, I took a video footage. Just trying to see how long that video can tahan so I asked Yen some questions an stuff. It’s a 12 minutes video of craps. But… simple as this may sound; I really do appreciate the time I spent with her. I really quite a sentimental person so pardon me for being so… whatever. After makan, she let me drive her car which I did real badly cos.. mainly because she was there la! Hahah… No kidding man… Tak tahan to drive with her beside me. Nervous sial. And she taught me some stuff about driving. Drove to Mel’s place. Waited for her in the car. She had a rather long chat with Auntie Vel. And then drove back home. Cacat mia massage chair doesn’t work at first. So, we ended up watching “Spirit of Love”… Literally forced her to watch it since Take’ was being beaten up. Hehe. Then, I tried the massage chair and it worked so I let Yen sit on it. Ae Yen… at least one Physical kempunan tercapai right? Forgot what time she went back ar… Somewhere around 7 PM I think.

Kla… Better sign off liao. Been thinking about my blog layout but no idea coming up. May just give up. Still, who knows something may just pop up. And sis coming back on Thursday. So excited. Can’t wait to see her. Raymond maybe tagging along. I really do not know for sure. And Hong Sheng called just now. Made my heart raced like mad. He sounded really like my uncle and I will be speechless if it was really him. I don’t know exactly what he feels about HS’ conversion to Christianity. And I will be going back there on the 12th if I’m not going Singapore. It’s my grandpa’s birthday. Missed it 2 years liao so cant really afford to miss it. BUT…. I am really really really scared to go back there. Although they won’t scold me but they will probably talk to me about it. And I just can’t perform well in CONFRONTATION… Aaargh… But every single time I tried to find a way to not face all these, this verse keep flashing in my mind. 2 Timothy 1:7….
I guess I should face it la. Who knows nothing of that sort will happen. Mann….

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