Monday, July 31, 2006

I passed JPJ test!!!!!

Date : 31st July 2006
Time : 5.08PM
Listening to : Light & Easy
Where : ID Room - Office

Man... I passed my JPJ driving test!!! Okay...SO happy to say this... without bribery. Sheesh. Thank you LORD!!! Muaks! Neway, my bro passed too... Gosh... Thank God for answering my prayers.

Woke up at 11.15AM like that and waited for Uncle Robert. Tunggu tunggu also tak datang so i watched my bro PS 2. So tempted to start a new game. But then, better don't. Then started praying so hard for this test. *Sweat* Neway, when we reached MSDC, i strated getting all nervous. SMS-ed Uncle Ivan before that. Asked him to help me pray! Waaaa... Takut man. Cos' i heard they usually will try their best to fail those that did not bribe. Mannn.... Then my battery went dead. Waited for the officers to come back from lunch. Praise God for making me and my bro take the test at the same time.

Naik Bukit : This is bad. I tak sampai line for the first time. Tried again, praying so hard. Finally was able to make it. The brake so makan one. So not used to it.

Parking : This is one of my worries. All these while never langgar tiang before. I so scared i'll "finally" langgar tiang today... Phew... Made it out unscratched.

3 point turn : Easy cake ar this one...but thank God also cos' if i never turn properly i would have langgar tiang also.

On the road : This is the WORST part. I got so nervous i started to fumble. Can't really remember the officer's name. Ahmad something. Forgot to wish him. Mannn.... I made so many mistakes. First, forgot to put down handbreak. Then when potong that time, almost gesek another. He was on the phone that time and he went, "Woh!"... Sheesh... *Shy* only... Haha... Then he said i drive too slow. !!!!!! What?! Limit not 40 mph mer? Aper ni.... Nemind... Pass liao dowan to complain d.
For my bro ler... Hehe... I prayed so hard for him to be able to recognise the road cos he can't seemed to get it right. I prayed that God will show him the way. My tester asked me take Road C... But my bro said his asked him to take Road A (The easier one) but when his tester saw me taking the Road C, he asked my bro to take that as well. Then my bro said he followed every single thing that i did. When i put signal, he did the same. Wherever i turned, he did the same too. God really helped him man. He guided him using me. Happy to be at His service. And my bro thank God for it too. Although, just for good manners sake. -.-! happy i passed.... So happy my bro passed too... But very irritated cos now... i have to continue on Mr. KC's house. Come on man! I thought i'm over it! Have to change the guest room design. Guess being an Interior Designer no easy task man... At least this will prepare me well.... -.-!

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Ah Hwei said...

How come your tester can talk on the phone while you drive de -_-" Wei the speed limit is 60 la. Only 40 for the kanak-kanak lintas jalan place. Did you see the guy's twin brother?