Monday, October 09, 2006

Trying to unwind after Boon Tiong's class....

Date : 8th August 2006
Time : 4.20PM
Listening to : Ming Zhong Zhu Ding
Where : Room

Sigh… So tired… Got one more post not yet post. Gonna post it together with this. On Friday, after the drawing class (which was quite horrible btw…), we went for lunch in Meng Tien. Guess what… appetite balik liao after so long. I mean, not fully la like Malacca but can la. Anyway, Scott helped us to photocopy some human portrait references. Then, Scott called David and David asked if we wanna join them in McDonald. Danny eventually went with Scott but for the rest of the “ganja” gang decided not to go la. We usually go there after Debbie’s FA class cos’ according to Rin and Zheng, they need “ganja” after her class. Well, I dunno… I like FA class. One ganja day per week is enough la. Go everyday can mati one. So, we ended up going Starbucks. Rin followed Chris to park her car. So, Zheng, Bryan, James and I walked there. Then we passed by the DOME café. Then Bryan said something which I didn’t get what he meant but Zheng and James did. Zheng went, “Yerrr…..” And I was so blur… Dunno what was happening until the later part when we were drawing, I found out that Bryan separated the DOME word… Wah… Beh tahan….

Anyway, the 5 of us, Zheng, Rin, Bryan, Chris and I gathered at Starbucks to do our assignments. James cabut-ed back d. All of us except Rin took out or drawing board and started on the figure drawing which was due the next day. I haven’t even started on any of the 4 portraits man. Gila… Rin did Gary’s work. She seemed a bit unwell. One by one, we went to get some coffee cos’ really cannot tahan d. I darn sleepy d. I don’t even drink Starbucks one ok…. But that day I cannot la. Almost kong d. Rin went back early. By the time we left it was already 6pm liddat d. I knew that I won’t be sleeping early d one la that night. But the stupid Starbucks coffee no kick one… Cis….

I went home, bathed, eat and started on my assignments. Before that, I had a chat with Ju-on… What a crazy chat. Sent me dreaming yang bukan-bukan after that… Pig la you… I threw everything that I drew in Starbucks and started all over again. Rin msg-ed after that and she said she can’t draw. She sounded really depressed lor…. I dunno how to help her. But Chris talked to her after that when she didn’t reply me. Prayed for her. By twelve, I cannot tahan d man…. I sms-ed Bryan saying I’m mati-ing d and he said he also mati-ing d. Scared cannot finish and stuff. By 2.45AM, Zheng msg-ed asked if wanna go Sunway Lagoon and swim after Figure class. I replied back saying, “I mati-ing d… Where got strength go swim man….” Haha…. At that time, I was about to take a 15 minutes nap. Then I got up again and started on my drawing again… By around 4.30AM, I just scribbled through. And then I cannot tahan I swept the floor. By five in the morning, I don’t care d… I went to sleep. Woke up around 8.00AM feeling somewhat between grateful for the 3 hours and tak puas because only 3 hours. Not say tak biasa la buthen every time also feel so light-headed after that. Melinda was like, “Oi!” cos I almost toppled over when I took some stuff out from the wardrobe. Gah! I won’t faint one la. That’s one thing that will not happen. She drove me to school.

I was the earliest, I slept upon reaching there. Sophia came after that. Sorry ar, Sophia… Didn’t mean to ignore you but very sleepy la. Then Rin came. She was okay d. Then Chris came and we slept on the table. Both of us slept around the same time. Gila. We wrote a mogok msg to Boon Tiong. Haha…. It was a joke of course but he didn’t come so the tutor took over… Cis… Supposed to draw a guy’s face in class but I shifted to the most back and Zheng came after that. I took a 3 minutes nap. Then Rin joined us. Did some stupid singing. Haha… So funny. Then Bryan came to the back also. His hair har… seriously looked like he never sleeps at all. He slept later than me. I think he never sleep also. Our class starts at 9.30AM. He needs to travel 1 ½ hour from his place to TOA. Say la need 30minutes to wash up and stuff, by 7.30AM have to be up d. Got time to sleep mer? If me, I’ll choose not to sleep d. Stay up better. Cannot tahan. Sky joined us also. I eventually completed the 2 eyes only by the end of the class because I was so restless the whole day.

Supposed to go Life Chapel after that but David, Michelle, Bryan, Zheng, Sky, Danny and I ended up going Sunway lagoon dry park. We went McDonald first. I got to now David and Bryan were in Scouts. One of them said, “Oh, so we’re family then…” Something like that la… Cannot remember la…. My first ride in SL was the roller coaster. I thought I’m going to be pengsan-ed although I sat Corkscrew before. But I didn’t la. The 2nd time I went was better la. But I STILL hate the 2nd drop. The 1st time we took the ride, David was screaming so funnily it reminded me of Geng Yi. I thought he was faking it but he said it was real scream cos’ that was his first coaster ride. Then we went on some other rides la. Took the stupid flume ride that got four of us wet… (Zheng, Michelle, David) David suggested that when we going down the highest drop, we’ll shout, “Bryan, we hate you!!!!!” cos’ he didn’t take that ride. -.-! Michelle screamed, “Boon Tiong I love you!” and I went, “ Li Wen I hate you!!!”….

Then we had this big float thingy… Seriously no manners la the ride. The first time always kena me one the water. My Nike shoes became so slimy! Yerrr!!!!! The 2nd time Sky and Bryan kena the most. Then came the ride I fear the most. The Pirate Ship and Tomahawk… This thing went 360 degrees one. Danny and I wanna sit out. I was so scared you know… What’s with the height and stuff… Bryan said, “It’s like sitting in a very very fast car…” Apa…. I don’t think it’s so simple like sitting in Joon. Shan or Teng Hock’s car ler…. Then David said, “Chen… I got over my first coaster ride… try this la… Not scary one….” Yoh…. Then Michelle went, “Don’t worry… Not scary one…” I went ahead even though I was really scared lor. When they buckled me in, (Which was super darn tight I almost can’t breath!!!) I seriously wanna mati d. At one point when the Pirate Ship almost turned 360, I was yelling, “God, I can’t do this ler!” And yeah, it still turned… And 3 times sammo… Not only that, it left us upside down for a while… But I decided that it was fun. For the Tomahawk… I really wanna sit out cos’ it’s so fast but aiyo…. I went after that… 2 times. The first time was crazily scary. I can’t believe I talked myself to take this ride. Zheng, Michelle, David and Bryan took the ride 3 times. Sky took once and he carried Danny inside for the last ride. Muahaha… kesian man… He was so scared. I thought he will be died-ed. Then we tried taking the bridge. Zheng was super scared. She squeezed my hand so tight until the blood stopped flowing. Sidai-ed our butt in the hot sun cos’ it was so wet. We watched people surfing from the bridge too. Danny and Sky were feeling sickish so we walked back. Then we settled down to have a drink before we exited.

Ended up in Meng Tien for dinner and we tried the super spicy hotdog. Gila… Bryan took the last bite and he was like suffering for quite some time. Real sampat-ed…. It was like fear factor and they actually planned to play a prank on the next birthday person. Haha… Cis…. Horrible people. David offered to fetch us back. In his Satria… 7 people… I was like thinking, “ I don’t think GY’s car can fit this many people also lor…” On the way to his car, we saw a guy and a girl. The girl was struggling and crying. So drama… And that guy was grabbing her and she fell to the ground and cried. Then he pulled her up and tried to hug her and she struggled again and we became so concerned. I was praying that she’s alright and the boys went to get the police which was just next door… (And what… Malaysia is so “Safe” hor?) Michelle and I heard her screamed, “Help me” and both of us got so worried. David wanted to go over but Michelle said no. When the police came, that 2 fellas just pretended everything was ok. I saw the girl when she walked past me. Expressionless… Nothing…. We felt so cheated…. Wah lao! It’s like the Ashton Kutcher show you know… We’ve been punk-ed… Adoih…

We squeezed into David’s Satria. Boleh pengsan. Sky sat in front. I sat between Danny and Bryan. Michelle on my lap and Zheng’s on Bryan’s. The funny thing was, before Bryan came into the car, Zheng came in first. Then Bryan said Zheng should sit on his lap. And Zheng went, “I’m heavy you know…” Aiyo…. So funny… I was thinking to myself… Then Bryan should sit on her is it? Haha… Bryan said, “Ae… I’m a guy la…” And Zheng so kelian… David shut the door and trapped her hand. Sheesh….

I offered my help in Sunday School ministry. The children were really adorable. And it was a one year old baby’s birthday. Reminded me of Sarah. Called Ju and had a chat before her devotion. Andrew (Not Alch) fetched me home cos’ Uncle Kevin forgot about me! Oh yea, he knew Michael… Uncle Bubu… Muahaha… I miss his crazy antics la… Behtahan… Okla..gtg d… I haven’t found a suitable content for tomorrow’s presentation… Speak with Sincerity… Siao man… How??????? And then we have movie appreciation in History. And before that, they’ve decided to watch Battle Royale…. Bryan brings the CD and I’ll bring the laptop… Yohh… I think I’ll try to finish that show….


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