Monday, October 09, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival

Date : 5th October 2006
Time : 10.11PM
Listening to : I’m still here – Vertical Horizon
Where : Bedroom (KL)

What a tiring day. Went Zheng’s place at around 12.30 liddat and tried to email Uncle Ivan the camp stuff. Then we walked to TOA which was across the road and went up to the 1st floor. When I reached, Ting Wei came to me and asked me super duper shocking question which almost made me pengsan because it was a ridiculous one. She asked, “Chen, you like Bryan ar?” I almost couldn’t speak ler. I actually wanted to tease her like how I usually tease Jess whenever she asked donkey question like this. I wanted to say, “Wah? How you know? I’m so in love ah… So much I wanna die d!” But then I thought, some people may take this too seriously so I went, “Ting! What kind of question is this? First, he’s younger than me, why you matchmake him with someone older than him?” And she went, “What’s wrong with that?” Aiyo…I dunno how to answer that so I said, “Nothing wrong. I don’t mind if people do that but I feel that it may be unlikely for me cos’ I never thought of it before…” Then I gave her another reason which was more practical. “I cannot be unequally yoked la Ting…. I’m a Christian…” And I added “So even if I like him, we can’t be together” to make her laugh cos’ she looked very serious d. Then she laughed. Haiya, Ting…. Don’t repeat this question already.

Then Danny told me Ting asked him, “Danny, you like Chen ar?” *Fell flat on my face when I heard this* Super pedophile man… He’s 16 ler! I might as well go like 8 year old Ken then? Wah liao… He was so shocked. And both of us agreed that Ting Wei was out to disturb us. Cis… Luckily I get a lot of training from Malacca. What a question…. Ting… if you read this, I almost died-ed….. Do this on April Fool la…

We had some Illustrator CS practice today in Design I workshop. Okla… Didn’t finish the butterfly cos I left a bit and Li Wen asked us to pass up d. Then we went Meng Tien to eat. I honestly almost choked! Apa la! Suddenly talked about swim suit and polka dots and whatever. I took my food and drink and shifted table, sitting alone and eat. Even that also they didn’t spare me. Then we went for Malaysian Studies. Poor Mr. Ari didn’t feel well. Scott was super restless today. Zheng and Danny joined us although they were not supposed to be in the class. Our lecturer let us o early cos’ he didn’t feel well and we have this Mid-Autumn (Mooncake) festival on the 2nd floor… We stayed to watch. Not bad. Rin, Bryan and I then decided to try to solve the riddles on the tanglungs. We got the answers and then went to tembak-ed them at the counter. Haha…. We caught the SSD people in surprise at that point because we got the available questions right. Won 8 prizes one shot and they asked us to take a picture because we won so many. Muahaha! CD0681 rocks… then we had some mooncakes. After that we tried to solve some more and the SSD people said we were black-listed liao. They were like, “Wah! Black listed d still come!” Haha. Most of the riddles are crazily sampat-ed. Give you one example… A one storey house has everything in it in blue. The toilet is blue, the table is blue, the curtain is blue. What is the colour of the interior staircase of that house? I wanna pengsan… I said blue eventually but Bryan and Rin said it’s not that easy one, tried to think again and then I wanna punch myself… Come on la! One storey house where got staircase one?! Another one, There was a boat filled with a lot of people. But when a picture was taken, why was there not a single person on the boat? (Something like that)… This one was easy. Because they were all married and attached la…. Adoih… Haha… We got the 9th gift for this riddle. Then Rin went to have her hand “decorated” and I went back to the exhibition corridor to read the riddles. Then Bryan came also and we can’t solve the puzzle that went: What happens twice a week, once a year and never a day? Then Rin came and Bryan said, “Oh, so you found us?” This Rin corrupted minded one started interpreting it wrongly. Wah lao… She’s still torturing me with it. And then, I saw these few photography stuff on the wall… Great concept one. I like it… haih… I wish I have a good camera… I saw Ka Ping (SSD dep) with his camera I wanna go died-ed d but I think it’ll be too big for me anyway.

After everything was over, Danny, Michelle, David, Ting, Bryan, Rin and I gathered in one classroom opposite of the venue for that festival and we had such a crazy evening. Pikachu la… Serenading la… Drama la… Aiyo…Laughed until kaki lemah. I cannot tahan. Really. When this Ye Shan said that David asked her to shave bald, I collapsed man. No kidding. It was so sudden I was shocked also. I laughed and my knees just gave way. Crazy right? Worse than playing badminton. Banyak mia bodoh. I’m so glad I didn’t start rolling on the floor….

Sigh… K… tired d… cabut first! Night!


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