Thursday, October 05, 2006

Aiyooo.... I'm a malaccan....

Date : 4th October 2006
Time : 11.19PM
Listening to : Listen to our hearts – Steven Curtis Chapman + Geoff Moore
Where : Room – KL

Been here for almost a month. Sigh… Getting used to the life here. I have no idea how to fit my life back in Malacca. Scared you know at times… Nope… No changes of me here. Still myself. Still Chenli. The same old crazy, laughing over own lame jokes, hopeless in horror + suspense movies Chenli… Minus the part I take part in crazy stunts with Ju-on and Yen. You know, I actually missed all those “actions” in my life although I usually video taped them instead of doing it. Not as talented. Hahhaha… Sigh…. Still, you know… missing it at times. Sometimes I feel quite lucky to have so much homeworks piling on me.

Anyway, life was okay here. Actually bonded rather well with my classmates particularly these few… Okay…Almost the whole class bonded well with everyone actually. Let me intro sikit people I usually hang with.

Shirin : Fellow Malaysian from KL. Known as Rin. 18 years old. Our class secretary.
Voted due to the fact that she collected e’one’s name and contact no. and
birthdays and blablablah… Yeah… That’s her… Likes anime… (Fav. Quote :
Etoo?, Hello Mario….)

Yi Zheng : A Brunei-an ( Got such word ah?) 17 years old. Sama geng here. Hopeless
in horror stuff but with sound effect one… really takut one. Haha… Kelian…
Super crazy… Cannot hang out with Rin, Danny and me in McDonald. Got
laughing gas. (Fav. Quote : Screw you man! -.-!)

Danny : An Indonesian boy aged 16. He reminded me of Dori from Finding Nemo.
Haha… Hung out with him the most. We could laugh at a lot of stupid stuff…
Really good in figure drawing. Like direct copy one. Likes anime….alot…
Especially Beastboy from Teens Titan.. (FQ: Haiya… Chen/ Zheng/Rin ar,Yoh!)

Chris : 24 year old Cheras girl who went to Japan to study for a couple of years. My
laughing gas. Super nuts. I cannot lawan her in jokes. My craziness was toned
down by hers. Thank God for that. Haha… (FQ: *Too much…em chai… hahaha*)

Sophia : 16 year old Indonesian staying in M’sia for years already. Knows KL better than
me. Initially, when she sees me, she’ll start laughing. Chris suggested us to be
separated cos’ when both of us start laughing, we can’t stop.
(FQ: *Unquotable… She laughs most of the time*)

Bryan : 19 year old KL boy. Rin commented that he looks like a Jap. Hmmm… A great
Fan of horror movies. I have no ideas why. He seemed very immune to gory
stuff. Have a very silent way of walking. -.-! Made me quite stress…
(FQ: Sueeet! (Sweet la in translation)

And sometimes, we’ll have lunch with David, Michelle Lim, Ting Wei and Scott. But most of the time, four of them and Bryan would go somewhere else. After class, usually, Rin, Zheng, Danny and I will go over to Sunway Pyramid. I got so tired of SP. I wished I have MP to go to. Never knew I will miss MP. Haha…

Today, I had Finished Art class. When Debbie (Lec) was teaching, suddenly the whole classroom turned dark. Then David, Michelle and Ting Wei brought in a cake and we sang a birthday song for Scott. Haha… So high school style in GBS. We had to make Diamond box today… I tell you, guarantee have to redo one. My last week assignment also sure has to redo one. I was so sick yesterday I could hardly concentrate in Design 1 class. My whole body ached. Unbearable. I wished I would just pass out and sleep the whole day but I haven’t done my FA work! Ish…. And then sammo after FA class got this History of Art and Design… Liao… Kong man… I went to lecture hall early with Danny. We both sick people. Ate some fruits and both of us almost died-ed. He got gastric prob and so did I but we had no appetite to eat at all. In the end we slept in LH until Joseph, MJ, Ye Shan, Carrien and Bryan came in. Then I felt better. But towards the end I felt like, “Cis bedebah… Apa punya penyakit… Gives me so much pain….” -.-!! I took a taxi home and collapsed on my bed and slept until nine plus. Woke up, did my Quiet Time and then FA hw and then collapsed again. Tidur until morning. Hee… And today I felt okay.

After FA class today, Rin and Zheng said they wanna go SP Mcdonald… nicknamed “ganja ice-cream place” by them and “Heroine something” by Bryan. I have no idea why whenever we gather there, crazee talks just popped up and we’ll laughed non-stop. Today’s topic was unbelievably, intolerably sampat-ed… It was only 5 of us. Zheng, Rin, Danny, Bryan and me. I cannot repeat the topic l. I don’t think I can make it till the end of this post if I do. Laughing while typing can kill me. Really. Then we went to TGV. I wanted to watch The Wicker Man. It was a “horror” movie. And so it seems from the poster. I wanna watch cos’ I have this crazy push in me that made me wanna opt for horror movie although I am super horrible in it. Ju-on and Yen can be my witness. I am not testing myself but I just dunno why la. Wanna watch but waste money closing my eyes listening to sound effect. And btw… got Nicolas Cage… hehe… So, I wanna watch. Wanna watch WTC also. Zheng, Rin and danny supposed to join me last week for TWM but too late la. Today the 2 girls wanna watch Devil wears Prada. I still wanna watch TWM. I don’t care man… If I have to watch alone I don’t mind. Danny actually msg-ed Mario to ask if he wants to watch TWM because he kept on thinking I will be died-ed watching alone! He kept on asking if I really don’t need back up. Jeng! Aper ni…. But ended up Bryan opt-ed for TWM thinking that it IS a horror movie.

After we bought the tickets, Rin brought us to the game arcade to online and show us a webside call TheHouse flash animation which Danny, Zheng and she claimed to be scary. I thought… “Okla… maybe I, for once, can be brave la… I mean… I got thru that stupid game of Alone in The Dark… can la…” So, when we reached there and she logged in, they had Bryan in front of the screen. Changed comp a few times because the headphones weren’t working. Must have sound effect wor. I sat near him cos’ they wanted me to watch. (Well known to be a coward after the dunky Battle Royale II) That time no sound effect yet. And guess what. It was such a suspense sort of flash and with occasional shocking gory stuff. YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE SUSPENSE! I actually let out a stupid scream you know! Wah lao! What la… Then every time the scene changed, I will move backward and I ended up almost on the table by the last scene because of that stupid Ju-on(The real one) kinda face popping out on the screen. And that WITHOUT sound effect. Zheng squealed from time to time. Eventually, they decided that I still haven’t got a taste of the game without the sound effect. Bryan passed with flying colours. No reaction one. I have no idea how. So I took a seat and they restarted the thing. Man… the background music was crazily eerie. And suddenly got one little girl sort of voice giggling. Immediate reaction was taking out the headphones away and got up from the seat and cabut-ed. I cannot la. I need my bro with me. Haha…

By the way… TWM… Haiya… Special note to Ju, yen and Hema… Oi, don’t watch la… if you don’t like the village… You won’t like this also. Same la… Remember how we ended up in the cinema? Ju and I knocked each other heads at some stupid jumpy part. And they killed my Nicolas Cage ler! That was what happened la. I didn’t knock anyone’s head but I did some “neck exercise”… Not as bad as FD3… That was crazy… Haha… I remembered Eu Gin saying, “Kaka… Let’s go la…” in the middle of the show… And ju went, “Cannot, Eu Gin…. We must be strong… make it to the end…” And Eu Gin replied, “Okay…. How’s Aunty? (I’m known as Aunty)” Haha… and Ju said, “Aunty down d…” Kakaka… I was really really really down d. No kidding. It was a double shot okay that day. 2 scary movies although the 1st one (The Heirloom) not that scary la and Ju said it was boring but I find it interesting. I was down d. I turned away from the screen after that 2 girls died and mind my own business d. The way they died were super horrible. Yerrr…..

Anyway, Danny msg-ed me after the movie. He asked if I died-ed d or not and if I’ve turned to Bryan and stuff… Liao la this fella… I told him I am not the “Yerr… Bryan, I’m so scared..” type of person and he dared to ask that ler. Haha… Banyak punya berani. Anyway, I said it wasn’t a horror movie but a bit jumpy part for me. And I said I did turned away a couple of times but only twice to his direction which was the part where the bird suddenly flew out and NC 2nd dream because it was too sudden. And then he proceeded to ask me why I wanna put on a brave front and why not just whimper like Zheng when she’s scared… I went… -.-!!! And then I said that I am not trying to be brave okay. I admit I am scared la but it’s not my nature to be like Zheng to express everything like that. And then I went on to tell him that although I do get scared watching stuff like that but I will still like watching it because I dunno why… (Like maths you know… I can’t do maths… I am horrible in maths but I love maths) See… I am not sure if say this correctly… Whatever la… But I know how much I can take though. I won’t watch The Grudge 2… I won’t watch Ghost Game… Too extreme for me d… Won’t watch it even if Nicolas Cage, John Travolta, Hugh Grant or Ewan McGregor is in it. Unless if forced to, I may go… Or unless suddenly I have this sudden boost of courage la… But very unlikely la. By the time I settle down for the 1st 15 minutes ar… “Aunty down d”… haha… Liao la… Look me no up liao… Sheesh…

Haha… last one before I go… cannot tahan this one. Today I went late to McDonald with Danny. Zheng, Bryan and Rin went first. On the way to the escalator, Bryan saw us and we saw them but too far away to talk la. So on the escalator that time, I remarked la to Danny. I said, “Waaa… Bryan so lucky got two girls with him…” Then Danny said, “Yeala, I so unlucky!” hahahaha…. Wah piang! This fella! Haha… I was like, “Hor! Like that la now… I not girl la now?!” haha… And we started laughing all the way to McD. Stomach ache man… Seriously… Cis! And then we counted the girls in our class and divided them into girl type (Likely to wear skirt) and a bit boy type (Unlikely to wear skirt)…. Danny made the decision mostly and I ended up in Boyish category… Muahaha… We laughed like mad. Both of us. Cos’ the rest were in front d. Okla… I admit la… I am not that gentle la… Chuan called me a “not” girl and munky ok… Gah… Living up to my name… Keeping up to my reputation. Nyahnyahnyah!

And people in Malacca, I miss you guys… I hope I can come back next weekend. Yen, ju… I dreamt that we went to eat ice-pat-poh and Ju eneded up in some kind of a 8 hour tuition… Siao… 8 hours… Crazy dreams…. Hehe… k k… What a long post. Sure nobody reads one. BUT…. Don’t watch Wicker Man in cinema la har…. DVD can la… The worst part is the title. Translation…. The Wicker Man… Lelaki Wicker…. Bryan and I laughed at that part. Seriously… Lelaki Wicker? Try Underworld II… Dunia bawah tanah 2…. I almost pengsan in GSC…. -.-!

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