Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ridiculously Funny....

Date : 18th October 2006
Time : 10.54AM
Listnening to : Street Map
Where : Room (KL)

Sigh… Two classes today. Going to Zheng’s place first. Haven’t check Uncle Ivan’s mail. No net la… Got time. No net. Sheesh. I hope I could finish everything by the end of this week. Sigh…. This week cannot go back sammo. Yoh…. William! Why you cancelled Finish Art class wei???? Replace in the middle of next week sammo. Tak guna wei! See la… I cannot go back d. Sakit hati wokie? Parents coming up later. Friday after class gonna cabut go GH and then maybe I’ll ask them drop me in KL. Susah la go an come back from Malacca. Then maybe next fri I will cabut home lor. Yoh… I really wanna go home ler….

Neway, On Tuesday, we had our History of Art and Design presentation. David’s group on AWAM got the best presentation of course. I got cold feet when the whole presentation starts. I was very comforted knowing that my group will be the 7th to present. Seven is a full number ok? Sheesh…. I was glad that I called GY to pray for me also cos‘ I dunno when I started to have this fear to present. In front of my bro’s and my class sammo. So different from Com Skills ler…. And then Hooi Chiat, our lec, said that the audience can ask question after each presentation. I stoned sial…. Honestly petrified. Then Rin said, “Don’t panic, Chen… Calm down…” Fui… Gila… Calm down… And then Scott went, “Chill la wei… Chill…” Sweat…. Sophia said she prayed for me.. (Thanks friend!) But overall, everything went really well la. It was not blasphemous. I am not saying this for the sake of getting away from criticism but then it’s seriously not. Mr bro’s team was the last to present. Haha… When I went out to present, his friends were like, “Go! Richard’s sister! Yeh!” and stuff like that. Haha… And when his group coming out, I went, “Go, Mr. Wong!!! Woooo!!!!” and my friends around me did the same thing also. Sent us all rolling in laughter. I like his team’s poster. I lost my pendrive’s cap! Cis!!!! Nemind la… Wun die one… After class we went to Meng Tien for dinner. Cannot tahan the vendor there. No manners one. Cis….

Neway, on Monday, we had our Com skills. No presentation that day but we had this speech game. It’s like this : Everyone will have to speak non stop for a minute, picking up from the last sentence of the previous person. Our storyline was not anywhere near the dirty genre but I heard the other half of the class was. Phew! Gary, our lec started first. He used Bryan’s and Michelle’s name. From going langkawi the storyline took a turn to horror genre. Bryan started drooling goo…. “I” started to get scared… (“I” was still a mystery to us… No name yet…) Then from horror, it turned to funny stories. Then became fairy godmother frying all the Bryans (Which appeared after Rin came up with many many Bryans and Michelle Junia came up with Bryans having flour on his face and Michelle Lim said the fairy godmother who looked like the female version of James started to fry Bryans and hang them like hanging chickens in chicken rice shop…wakakakaka!) Then after that, everything went back to horror… And came my part, I was left hanging with the sentence, “Bryan said, “Hey, put her down…”” from the previous speaker. “I” was carrying naked Michelle from the toilet la at that point of the story. It is strictly not dirty. Cannot tahan. So I went to the front and I went, “And then I went, “Hey, Bryan… calm down man…” And Bryan looked at me and said, “Boon Tiong! Put her down now!” And I said, “But I thought you were gay?!?!” Then Bryan looked at me and replied, “That is why I asked you to put her down.. Come Boon Tiong… Come to me baby…”’’’ Wahahahaha! What a twist. Set the whole room in laughter. Boon Tiong is our Figure Studies lecturer. They asked me to reveal who “I” was so I chose BT. They was expecting Li Wen (Our Design Workshop lec) or Scott. Sammo Bryan do not like to be called gay one. Muahaha! Laughed until stomach ache. Then from this gay story, Sathom turned it into a chasing one. Someone asked where to buy fried Bryans and stuff. Wahaha… Funny wei… Then suddenly came into the woods with so many scouts. By then Bryan turned into The Hulk d. Wahahaha! And then suddenly dunno how BT got handphone… Digi number sammo and he called David for help. (This one was James story) Then Amir came up t wrap the whole story up. Suddenly there was this very strong wind and David appeared with some sort of a superhero suit. Wahaha… complete with coconuts and food in his arms and he said, “yes, what can i do for you?” And BT asked him to get Bryan out of that place and up Bryan went with David. Haha… The story ended in the toilet… It was just some sort of a dream. It couldn’t be a reality right? It was so ridiculously funny.

Kla… have to cabut d. Goodbye!!!!


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