Monday, October 16, 2006

Hangover liao... Evil Bryan... Crazy day in Scott's place...

Date : 14th October 2006
Time : 10.36PM
Listening to : Love will find a way – Lion King II
Where : Room (KL)

Sigh… Just came back from Scott’s place. Was very the surprised when I opened the front door cos’ I heard Joshua, Eric and my bro said, “Surprised!” and they were at the dining room doing assignment. Sheesh… neway, Eric needed a place to stay desperately. Going to ask Bryan on this asap.

Neway, slept at 6.00AM doing figures. Sheesh… procrastinate sammo la….. Woke up at 8AM and prepared to go school. Bryan msg-ed saying that he relunctantly fell asleep during his 3rd sketching. Gahaha.... Wore skirt to class today cos’ ahem… I haven’t wash my trousers and jeans. No time la. Cis…. So tired. I reached class and I saw Chris and Scott sleeping on the tables and Danny having stomach ache. Today, Rin, Zheng and Ting Wei were to tie two ponytails high up and wears clothes that make them look cute in exchange to David having make up on his face. Yeah… They wanted to include me as the 4th girl but NO WAY man… You can throw me in the fountain, ask me do the satay celup thing or even push me in a trolley like Ju but I will never wear anything cute with my hair done up like that. They look normal and fine but I will never look anywhere near normal. Anyway, David was really… hmmm… indescribable la. Boon Tiong was shocked to see him that way and cracked a couple of jokes about it. He taught us how to capture the face muscles in human portraits and giving it a 3D look. Dismissed us an hour early.

Went over to Nikmat to have our lunch. Cannot tahan TW and Michelle. Cute can never be used on me. Seriously! It sounded so cacat on me… Not on others but cacat on me. Cis… Neway, Rin, Zheng, Chris and TW were talking about animation during lunch and I am not into anime and stuff la so I talked to Michelle, David and Bryan. I think Michelle and David not into anime also. Bryan and I definitely NOT into anime. Hmmm… Okla… Except Samurai X la. I like Kenshin. Hehe…. Then David was supposed to drop Danny and I back at home but he ended up bringing us to Scott’s place for his group assignment. Apala… No time to turn back also. Danny sat in front. I sat in the middle behind with TW on me… Sat between Michelle and Bryan. Paining sial….. When we reaching Scott’s place, Bryan turned to ask me, “You awake or not?” I was half awake la actually cos’ hangover la. So tired. Not half la… maybe a bit sleepy la. But still awake la. Then I said a bit sleepy la. Then he asked, “Want me to wake you up?” And I asked how… Then suddenly he used the drum stick and poked my side. Wah lao! Pain ler Mr. Chang! Cis….

Neway, I took a very short nap in Scott’s place. Stayed all the way till nine thirty. Was watching them doing their assignments. The power point not working la… I mean with the sound and stuff. We ended up not going to our tutor, Nicky’s church concert cos’ everyone was so tired. Scott’s mom cooked us a superb meal of fish and chips. And we watched this Japanese drama while eating. So funny ler. Sam Lee called and we chatted a while. Missed the GLO people man. Then Ting Wei and Michelle tried to get Bryan to do his evil look thing. He didn’t wanna show. So far only Danny and I saw that evil look before among all seven of us there tonight. But then again, Bryan gave me that evil look… really superbly evil one today but I forgot when. What Danny saw was not as bad as that ler. Sheesh… that sadist.

After dinner, David sent us all home. I sat at the front cos’ I was the first to reach. So glad…. Haha. No need cramp at the back. Oh yea… Scott shown us his goldfish with a missing right eye. I was so gross out and *HONESTLY* geli-fied when he said that the sucker fish sucked the eyeball out. He even demo how the thing popped out. Mannn… I almost pengsan-ed. Dahla I got vivid imagination…. Cannot la… So geli. Yerr…. Very tiring la today. Had so much crazee laughs in Scott’s place while doing the assignments. Slacked off a bit la. Mom called to ask bout us. We’re doing fine la. I checked my blog and I saw Ju tagging me. Seemed like we going to do another food hunt la… ice cream steamboat. Geng Yi called just now also and he told me that there’s a place in Melaka raya that sells 9 layers cheesecake! Sheesh… I hope I didn’t hear wrongly man…. I wanna try. See how much my stomach can expand. Kinda like mengecut d since I came to KL although I must admit that I am getting back my appetite… hehe…

Okay… will really try to live for God d. slacking off. Skipped 3 days of Bible reading. No time la. Must finish my race strong! Dad went to Phucket d!!!!! Gah… I hope he bought me stuff… Nyahnyahnyah! Not gonna blog bout what happened on Friday la. It was a day in Starbucks doing our assignment for History. Zheng came up with a superb tag line. Insaintly Great…. Haih… I hope it’s not blasphemous to promote beer using the last supper. I presenting sammo. Haih… See la how. I think it’ll be ok right? I dunno la… I wanna forget about it…get over with it. So much assign… mati ler aku…. But thank God no need to redo any work so far… Kla… wanna sleep d. Good night!


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