Monday, October 16, 2006

Pengajian Malaysia twice in a week!!!

Date : 12th October 2006
Time : 10.21PM
Listening to : Plain Love OST
Where : Room (KL)

Sigh… Yesterday Rin, Zheng and I had a sleepover in Zheng’s place. So yeah, yesterday, we had Finished Art. William took over Debbie’s place as the lecturer. Super darn stressed because I didn’t have to do any redo works since the first assignment and I think I’ll have to redo when he takes over la. Nemind la. Try to do my best. Neway, he’s a nice fella. Also my diamond box and “cheesebox” got an 8 and 8 ½ marks. Phew…No need to redo. But the pop-up project was crazy la. My final assignment was seriously tough man. Gosh… Got the same type of assignment as Rin and Bryan… Mati ler aku…. Dunno how to do…dunno where to start. Then when we were about to leave, this Zheng asked me to look and she shown me her finger… Wah lao!!!!! So much blood… I cannot tahan. I really went shivering cos’ I cannot see fresh human blood like that. And Zafri was making fun of me. I really cannot tahan. Not drama here ok… I really cannot stand blood one. Sheesh…. Sathom was like going to laugh d. And Zheng purposely shown me more and Bryan went to the extent of taking the bloody tissue and torturing me with it. I am so NOT kidding when I said I cannot stand blood like that!

Neway, after FA…As usual la… We’ll go McDonald to be ganja-fied… Haha…Weird term… Sheesh…. But I’m not very up to it la. I got separated with the gang at Esprit cos’ I walked off alone. Reached McD but nobody was there yet so I drifted off somewhere else before David called and asked where we were. I went to McD and told them that I got separated with the rest. Sigh… It was a mood swing day for me la. Ganja didn’t work. I just felt so moodless. And yeah… we had a replacement class for Malaysian Studies. Most of them didn’t wanna go but I did not intend to skip class. Thank God that David and gang didn’t wanna skip class so I won’t be alone la. But either way my bro would still be there la so I won’t be alone. Then we decided to go play pool before class. I felt so sucky before that but I was really glad I decided to play pool. It was fun. Played 2 rounds. Won once. Sigh…Missed that 3 stooges man when I played pool. Neway, Mr. Ari’s class was ok. David, Michelle, Ting Wei, Bryan, Danny, Amir, Zafri and I were the only one from our class. Danny and Ting Wei were exempted but they came anyway. Not too bad la. Mr. Ari said that he could tell by the person’s face if we were attached or not. He wasn’t accurate at all so I asked him what he thought about me and he smiled and said, “You ar… If you don’t have a boyfriend… I’ll cut myself…” Muahaha! Bryan and Danny offered me a blade. Gahaha…. Apala… As for Danny, he said that he will soon have one… Hmmm… Maybe la since he currently had a crush on a girl. But Bryan one I really behtahan… He said that he got naughty look… He has 2 -3 girlfriends. Hahaha… Poor thing la. David and Michelle no need to say la. Both together d… No need to tell. Also, he asked who intended not to have a boyfriend and I raised my hand. Bryan turned and asked, “You sure or not???” Cis… Of course la… I am not capable to “love” a person that way liao….

After class, Bryan and I walked back to Zheng’s place cos’ he needed to use Illustrator for the next day’s assignment. Rin was there d. Zheng and Bryan were doing their butterfly assignment on the laptops while Rin and I kong on the bed d. I woke up feeling so blur. I let the 3 of them hear the “O’Balak” voice clip. Too bad Rin couldn’t understand canto. The other two were laughing like crazee d and Bryan had to stop my Media player to laugh first before he continues. Muahaha… It was sampat-ed la… really. Then we watched a bit of Russell Peter’s video before we headed off to Secret Recipe.. malu saja… Brought Bryan to the wrong place. Cis….

I missed SR la… Reminded me of Melaka Raya one… Sheesh…. Their Chicken Cordon Bleu was the best. Neway, I saw Hailem passing by. I dunno what time we left la but it was late d. So tired. Went back to Zheng’s place to do my assignment. Was feeling horribly not nice. Chatted with Shan… I couldn’t find Andrew online and I saw Shan but his status was away. Thank God that he replied me. Dahla Yen not there. Sigh… I was feeling so down. Don’t ask me why la. I dunno la. I think I was just being homesick. Chatted with him. Cheered me up. Aiya… He so sampat-ed… Sure can cheer me up one la.

Yesterday night was crazee la. Rin was darn hyper. Zheng was laughing and I was victimized. Cheh… These two budak never got tired of the same old thing one. What la. But I believe they’ll be tired of it soon la. Just ignore!!!! Neway, it was darn cramped. I had a dream about my bro. It was weird la. Nemind…My dreams are always weird but nice. So, whatever la. Today morning, I woke up and checked my mail. Chatted with Andrew awhile and also Yen. Then I went for Design I workshop class at around 12.45PM. Sheesh… Today’s class was tough for me la. Both Rin and I were a bit agitated cos’ we didn’t seem to get it. But ok la… nemind la… Still got Danny to help me. Met my bro on my way to Vision Art. Then I went Meng Tien and I sat beside Scott.. He ate my meat! Cis! This turned out to be a joke you now cos’ it fell on the table and bising-ed cos’ it fell ma. So put on the empty plate and he said, “Still can eat wat….see!” and he popped it into his mouth. Muahaha! Then Chris and I tembak-ed him and disturbed him. Gahaha… So funny. Yeala… Not his fault la. And Chris was asking for the word of the week cos’ I just seemed to say something unusual every Thursday. It was unplanned one lor. So I told her that the word was “Pilo-Pili” cos’ at exactly 12AM the night before, I was telling Rin to behave “pilo-pili” which meant properly. And it became word of the day d… -.-! But Rin gave a more powerful one la… “Meleleh”… Wah lao… I cannot tahan this gang. Headache.

Then we went for Malaysian Studies… Yes… 2 days in a row… Adoih… Okla… I don’t mind Mr. Ari’s class. I find him rather funny. Some find him irritating but I’m fine with him la. Managed to get one or two question right. Today’s class were rather funny la. I exchanged some portrait references with Amir for our Figure class. After class, we went over to meng tien for supper. Class ended at around 7.30PM. Ekmund came over to ask some stuff which I managed to korek the info for him from my bro. Haha… Sad news though. Eric and Bryan are looking for a place to stay cos’ it took them a very long time to travel to and fro. Chris left early leaving Michelle, TW, David, Danny, Bryan, Zheng and I . My bro joined us later. What a crazy chat. Mostly about Scouts and Girl guide. I know nothing bout GG. Malacca’s one was rather limited compared to the KL-lites. Yeah… Interesting to hear their side of story though. It was funny la in a way.

Went to get my stuff from Zheng’s place with my bro. Then we walked home. Talked with my bro along the way. So tired la. But I think I’m going to start on my figures now. Tomorrow’s drawing class…. Aiyo… Still life…. Phobia liao. Can’t go home this week but next week will definitely go back. Exploration week d. So glad. So happy… Can go YM. Yeh! See Ken and Joel!!!!


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