Friday, October 27, 2006

Mission fulfilled!

Date : 27th October 2006
Time : 3.29PM
Listening to : Hate me today - Blue October
Where : Room

I just came back from Ah Ne ice Kacang with Yen and Ju... Fuh...My day started off like this. I woke up around eleven. Slept like a pig and when i washed up d, i onlined and Yen msg-ed me on MSN... Muahaha... YEa...Wanted to go Bak kut Teh in Bukit Cina for lunch. So planned to go at 2.30PM. Buthen i ended up going lunch with my parents so i called both of them to cancel the lunch date. But i had to get some stuff from Ju so i drove to her hse. Before that, i went to check if Ah Ne was opened cos' Yen said it was supposed to be closed for a week. (Aaaargh~!) but it was opened wor! So happie. So i called Yen and asked her to meet us there la. Ended up in Ju's hse i drove us there.

Aaaahh..... So very the happy to get to eat ice kacang there. Mission fufilled. Muahaha! Then talked some crap with them. Yen got a new croc red shoes. Wahahaaha... I laughed like crazy. That day when we were in MP, she asked me get a croc shoes and i said aloud, "Wah lao! Dowa la... Damn cham ngan (Eye pain)!" Bad timing... A girl walked away from us and we saw that she was wearing one. Wah lao! Almost ROTFLOL... So darn paiseh. The next thing i knew, si Yen beli in Jonker.... waaaaa... Must take a picture... gaahhaha.... cannot help it la....

My Ice kacang! Okay...sorry la i ter-smash it... Heeheee... Si yen and her crocs.... Lawak....

Then we planned to go Yen's hse tonight to watch Gubra... SO long never watch movie with them d. Okay.... I hink i shall bring chips. I'm bringing my assignments also... Die la...die.... And tomorrow could be an all day fear factor makan day. Shall have eat those intestines, stomach, liver for breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner. Hehe.... Cool wei...


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