Saturday, October 21, 2006


Date : 21st October 2006
Time : 8.48PM
Listening to : So much in love - All 4 one
Where : Parents' room

I dunno what to write actually... Yeah... So i'm back in Malacca... I went to hema's house just now for deepavali. Sms-ed a lot in her place and we watched some episodes from The American Next Top Model. Hmmm... Dunno... Stick thin is like so scary... Finally get to see my friends so yeah... It was really great.

Then we dropped by Ju's place and i had a chat with Auntie Tina. Hmmm... It's nice getting back to my Malacca life. Just a bit hard picking up from where i left off. When i went to church, it dawned on me that... "yeah... I am back..." I am happie to be back. great to see my church members again. Ah Zheng was back from KL as well as Eng Siang... Sheesh... Auntie kiat tin mentioned that three of us lose weight. She asked if i was stressed in KL... Nola... Not enough food la... Haha... We had captain ball after Uncle Philip talked on the book of Leviticus. I walked away at one point cos.. I dunno la... Weird la... Dowan to talk about this la. Don't ask me. I won't answer you. Captain ball was fun. Great to see Shaun again. He made me ketawa la that fella. Then disturbed Jeremy saying he's taller d... wahaha! Captain ball was boys against girls. Kong la wei... ju was the first goaler, then Yen and then me... Teruk wei. Kena whacked at the forehead. Paining sial... When sweat very the sore. Ju fell down and injured her back again so we cancelled our outing plans. Sammo i got tonnes of assignments to complete. We girls lost the captain ball la.... kata kata semangat also din work la... Haha... It was not as crazy as usual la... Haha... But it was super lawak when Jeremy was surrounded by girls defender. Super funny to watch from my position cos i was on the chair as the goaler. Mosquitoes bite weh... sheesh...

Went back home and helped my mom with the ID work and then i drove her and my two brothers for dinner near Southern Hosp. Dad was in tangkak. Mom said she was gelified with my driving. Hahahahaha! Cos' I like tak kisah only when i drive. What la... I know la i still a noob... Muahaha.... I am glad i went dinner with her. The food was fantastic. I ate most of it la since my bros and my mom can't finish them. What a waste... Enjoying food is a bliss... Ignorance is not... as quoted... Yeah... i finally found another person who agrees on this... Ok... maybe others too but they've never told me before so... nemind... here am i... Beside my mom, with the wireless on... chatting with Ting wei and Sophia. Yeah... I am getting rid of that feeling cos' if i don't... Yoh... I am as good as died-ed. So yeah... Jesus help me!!! Just not brave enough... You are right, Rin... No me ames... If i dwell in it i will be like a walking zombie d so yeah... I can't live up to what you've advised me to. I don't know if i can or not but probably i will not. And i read your blog. Be happy, friend. Shall pray for you. K la...cabut first... Mom still working on the wall construction. see ya guys....

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