Monday, October 23, 2006

Men banking Finance? Siao wei....

Date : 23rd October 2006
Time : 1.18AM
Listening to : Crumbs - Disagree
Where : Mom's room

Gosh...Parents will only be back tomorrow. Neway, i had one of the greatest night ever with Yen and Ju. Hmm... I enjoy going out with these two crazee fellas. Cracked me up like mad. Yen and I left for Thong Shui House at around eight plus. Ju joined us later. Too bad Yen didn't bring her camera cos' the food that i ordered looked kinda fantastic. Taste fantastic too actually. And although didn't fulfilled my desire for cendol.. Not exactly cendol... more like ice kacang, i still get to eat tong shui la. Hehe... Happy wei... I was kinda like full but then after that we went to the new 24 hours drive through McDonald. Damn gila wei. Macam syok saje to drive thru. We actually intended to do another crazy stuff. Ju suggested that we drive thru 3 times. Change driver each time and order different thing buthen alaaaaa.... The route not exactly convinient to make a 3 rounds trip. Disappointed? Nolaaaa.... We have crazier things to do like going around the malim roundabout 3 times. Hahaha... After we got our fries, apple pie and choc sundae, Ju ased where to go and eat and i said let's go to Jusco's fountain there and eat. Wahaha... Crazy la wei... The other end of town.

Then in the car, we heard a song by Justin Timberlake. Siao wei... Ju and Yen naik gila again... Accusing each other for stealing their "boyfriends" and stuff. First Michael Scofield from Prison Break and then now Justin. Wah lao... Behtahan. So lawak. Then Ju said that she have 2 MBF. One is Mak Bapak Finance and another one is Men Banking Finance. No withdrawal one. Deposited d cannot take out and give people. Hahahaha... Siao... And how dare she to say she likes Edison Chen when she didn't. Wanna drag me in. Tak yah ler. Haha... I have enough just by listening to you guys. Damn lawak. Then what's with the sperm bank and ice cream man. Wahaha... Sorry la Ju... we betul betul slanderer la wei. I don't think i will post the curang picture la. Later you die laughing and rolling on your bed like that day. Gila sial. I see d i also almost died. I thought it was for real ler until i saw that... Eh... Aper ni... You kissing actor? Pi lah.... Tak ajak... Hahaha....

Reached home dunno what time la. Quite early. Got started on Design One but then cis... Forgot to bring back all my instruction paper so i messaged Sophia. Ended up calling her and she gave me all the details. And had a 25 minutes chat with her. wah lao... her choice of words can kill me wei. Darn gelifying. I almost died-ed just by listening to her. Siao wei.... Then my phone went crazy again. Cis... So we ended up sms-ing. Kla... gtg... Tomorrow have to work hard d... Sheesh... I just hate travelling back to KL just for a class... But thank God for Ju and Yen... Phew...glad that they will be joining me in KL for 3 days. So Ting Wei... Sorry wei... Dun think i'm going ice skating after all.. haha... i can't skate la.... Kla... Gtg... Bubye!


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