Saturday, September 13, 2008

Having a Game Room is Racist

Date : 13th September 2008
Time : 1.01PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Parents' Room - Malacca

Yesterday I was suddenly pulled into a chat room consisting of Tanyus, Selvia and Diana. And Tanyus went, "I am playing games now. So hard~!". Something like that. She was having problem with the pixel hunting kinda game. And I told her I was playing escape room games too. Dee went blur. After that Tanyus told me about the briefing. As I mentioned earlier, Tan, Sel and I were suppose to attend an interview for quality control thing next week. The briefing was yesterday at 6.45PM. I did not go. Tan updated me on that. The first thing she told me was:


I went like this : o.0! I wasn't that surprised la cos' Hazmer actually told me we're having a new gameroom. But the next sentence was:


I went "Woots~!". Takyah fight. Hohoho. But anyway, it's for study purpose and I doubt we have time to play also. Next thing she told me was:


Given the structure of the sentence, I assumed she meant MM students la right? So I was like, what? Say again? Elevator?? WAHAHAHAHAH! And then she said it was for IL students onli. I went...bugger... All labs will be in main block and other classes will be in other blocks. Meaning I won't have to run to other blocks la. After I knew about N block, I told Sathom.

Me : I hate you man.
Sathom : 0.o
Me : You IL students have a new block N complete with elevator.
Sathom : Heh? How come I don't know about it?
Me : I just got to know through the briefing.
Sathom : Hehe
Me : But MM has a new game room for game students with PS3, XBox, Nintendo. Kinda beat your elevator.
Sathom : What? Are you ok?
Me : Yea. Are you ok?
Sathom : Wth?!?! You guys get games now?? This is racist!

The conversation was longer than this but more or less going this way la. It was pretty funnywhen he thought I was sick when I mentioned the game room. And I have no idea how that was racist. =.=!

Then in the chat room tiba-tiba Selvia said she's playing games and it's pretty hard. Lol. Cos' she doesn't play games often so I guess play a lot of these kinda thinking games can help her learn a lot of things. I did research on learning thru games ok? So many articles to read man. Well, anyway, I sent them a link on how to make good games la. And then discussed with Dee about her scripts for video class. I sent her one of my short stories. My fav actually. She likes it. Thanks yea Dee. Pretty good response from those who've read them. But anyway, she had her own idea about paper planes already so maybe we will discuss about it. Not taking video class so not so stress thinking of the filming. Fuh. But have to sweat on scripting.

Ok, I have to get down to read all the articles. And then off for Ice Cream Day in church. Ta!


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