Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nothing much

Date : 10th September 2008
Time : 9.57PM
Listening to : Busy being fabulous - Eagles
Where : Room - MC

This morning at around 10.15AM, Zafri came over to our place and then we borrowed his car after dropping him in school. Zheng and I ent to TNB in Subang aya to ask about our "outstanding" bill and many others "phantom" bills. Weird how nobody was home for that month but we were charged RM206. How absurd rite? Anyway, we waited more than and hour. How annoying. After that we went for our brunch at Asia Cafe. Caused both of us stomach ache after that. Must be the barley drinks.

Class with Kenny today was pretty fun. 3D in Multimedia. Built our own temple today for class assignment using lightwave. Well, for the first time we combined with our seniors. A bit intimidating I would say. After class at 5.30, the usual 6 of us went to Uncle Lim for "dinner". There we killed our time before the next class by coming up with song phrases. We really have our own way of killing boredom. We played the game till we went for our next clas. While waiting for Vincent, Joanne Kok, our lecturer came to talk to Tan, Sel and I about the quality control officers who are coming next week. We 3 are selected randomly for an interview. Vincent's class was really short. Basically we need to come up with a proposal. I don't know what's with this term. Everything seemed to be connected to games. Is it the IN thing now or what. Weird. After Vincent's class, we buka puasa with Wahyu and Dee at Uncle Lim's again. Then Zafri fetched us home.

Now I'm back in MC. Going back Malacca this friday. Yeh...I know I ust came up to KL. Anyway, gtg continue my work now. Ta~!


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