Thursday, September 11, 2008


Date : 11th September 2008
Time : 2.42PM
Listening to : Kids making noise
Where : Room - MC

First of all, Happy Birthday Jia Ling~! Although she doesn't read my blog at all. I'll be surprised if she does.

In the room now. Just finished sidai-ing my clothes. Smell of Softlan. Kinda like the feeling now. With the sun shining and all. A bit quiet with the exception of my fan spinning. Aih... I dunnoe... Just suddenly feel so serene.

Ok, that's all I wanna say. Gtg get ready for Uncle Hazmer's class. He's leaving all of us. ALL OF US just to go Japan. So keji right???? Sanggup he leave us good students behind. >:| Takper you Hazmer. You wait la. When you go Japan, har! See you miss malaysia and the crappy government or not! Ok ok...just joking. Anyway, have a great 3 weeks teaching us in TOA! I mean, have fun in Japan.

I'm coming back Malacca tomorrow~!!!!


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