Monday, September 08, 2008

I hate this place

Date : 7th September 2008
Time : 11.16PM
Listening to : Hana – Orange Range
Where : TV Room – Malacca

Going back to KL tomorrow morning. Sigh. I really don’t like this feeling. 5 weeks in Malacca kinda make me want to stay here forever. Although this time in church it wasn’t that hard to say goodbyes, I still feel VERY reluctant to go back KL. Dunnoe how many times I rolled my eyes thinking about the stupid hectic lifestyle. I don’t know why I am complaining. Long break makes me lazy. Today my youngest bro had his few friends over to celebrate his birthday early. He kept on telling me his birthday was on the 7th. But I clearly remembered it was 9th. It is on the 9th. Perrr… You know ah… I used to be like him. I’ve always thought my birthday was on the 9th of March. Cos my mom told me so. But it was on the 10th. That was back when I was young. ^^ And this holiday, my dad and I berkerjasama to catch all the ticks off my dog. Kesian defler kena bite. But kinda give me the itch. Ugh~! I quite geli. And I am pretty pro at catching already. And I can’t do them by myself cos this dog onli listens to my dad and mom. When he sees me… he sees, “Oh, this nenek wanna play with me. I shall run and make this nenek tired”. =.= Run run run… Buat hal jerrr.. And today while my Wen and I were eating, I said… “I DON’T WANT GO BACK TO SCHOOL…” And he said, “What school?” =.= Sweat la. Of course TOA la. Doink. Then I went to my grandma and I said, “I don’t want to study already. So ah po, I will go find one rich husband and become housewife and play mahjong everyday,”. She laughed and said it was a good idea. I think so too. Then I will make sure my very rich husband bring me go Morocco, New Zealand, yadayada…. Oh, did I mention the perfect plan I have for my life? By the age of 40, I will go BINGO club and play BINGO and spot for my ideal old husband. Then marry him and snatch all his fortune! HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! Punya konon that will happen. Gah! This is just so random. So sien. And going back to school this time means my bro will be in Malacca cos’ he will defer his studies for one term. Habis ler aku. Tiada pelepas stress lagi. =.= I very sad. Aih… Kla… Have to continue work. Bye! -chen- [11.30PM]

Date : 8th September 2008
Time : 10.29PM
Listening to : Fan Spinning
Where : Room - MC

Hate coming back here. I kinda merajuk once in a while in school today. I didn't feel like going to school and I missed home. Came back to this apartment and it was like horrible. Still is. People from above floors threw so much rubbish down I can make the word plural : Rubbishes. If there is such word tell me. I hate it so much Broke my window pane. Zheng and I cleaned the laundry area and my air-cond condenser with such agony. Bra, Shirt, Bones, McD and fishes and eggs!!! Gross... And Zheng told me the new apartment does not have rubbish shoots also. HOW STUPID CAN AN ARCHITECT BE LAH??!?!!?!? WHERE YOU GRADUATED FROM AH?????

I hate Mentari Court. I seriously do.

I feel so miserable here. I am so home/churchsick.



senorita.. said...

duh,move out?

Chen said...

nah... too troublesome and costly. I shall endure another year