Thursday, September 04, 2008

Term 6 Results

Date : 4th September 2008
Time : 2.25PM
Listening to : Love Exchange Drama
Where : Parents' Room - Malacca

At last. Result's out. I didn't really anticipate it la. I know I will pass (Thank God) but just not sure of the grades. But I couldn't wait to see this term's schedule. So yeah, last term's result:

Digital Photography : A-
Digital Video : A
Web Design 2 : A
Marketing : B

And this term's schedule, 4 days classes only. Wait... cannot compare to Chris and Dee. 3 days only~!!! Jealous jealous jealous... *Stab*Stab*

Monday : Motion Graphic (2.00-5.00PM)

Tuesday: Design Method 3 (9.00-1.00PM)
Advance Digital Video (2.30-5.30PM)

Wednesday : 3D for Multimedia (2.30-5.30PM)
Branding for (dunnoe what) media (7.00-9.00PM)

Thursday : Advance Digital Media (4.00-7.00PM)

But I guess 4 days also ok la. Study hours can be distributed. Term's gonna start on Monday. I'm gonna start my daily rant again. And have to get used to a new lecturer. Workload going to be ALOT. Aaaaaaah~!!!! Kenalah aku berdisplin kali ini. K k..have to go work now. Ta!


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