Sunday, August 31, 2008

MGC Sports Day

Date : 31st August 2008
Time : 2.45PM
Listening to : CSI Miami
Where : TV Room – Malacca

Happy Independence Day! Okay, to be honest, I’m not too much into Merdeka mood this year. Almost every year I tak rasa that semangat. Nothing much to look forward to especially with all those jams and human-packed streets. Anyway, I am going to blog about yesterday’s MGC Sports Day.

So we started the day very early. Melissa picked me up at 7.15AM. She drove us (Ju & Auntie Tina) to Taman Sayang Selasih, where the event was held. We parked in front of Mrs. & Mr. Chua’s place. Then Mrs. Chua ushered us in to the kitchen to have our breakfast. After that, we helped Mr. Chua to carry the equipments to the field. Just then Kah Wai, Sin Yee and Sin Lan reached.

A few kids were at the field already. And we had them registered. They were quite semangat la. And most of them ended up in Juliana’s group. Slowly, people started coming in. Children, parents, helpers. So it got pretty crowded. We have like 60++ children. And we haven’t even include the adults and youths yet. Uncle Rodney was the main organizer I think. The judges were Auntie Kim, Auntie Kiat Tin, Sister YuMing, Raymond and Auntie Judy. (Correct me if I am wrong guys). The group leaders and asst.leaders are:

White : Juliana & ShuLynn
Yellow : Kah Wai & Sin Yee
Purple : Yen Mei & Shaun
Red : Chen Li & Andy
Blue : Adrian & Livia

Photographers were Federick and Darel and also the random people who had cameras such as Sin Lan and Sharma. Melissa was in charge of registration. Sharma was the gamemaster. Mrs. Chua, Auntie Grace, Uncle Kian Boon, Auntie Tina, Mr. Chua and Auntie Nancy were helping out with the most important aspect of all… food& drinks and gifts! Oh, not to forget, Simon helped Uncle Rodney with the games too. Ehehehe… Many other church members were there too. Sorry if I missed out any names. I am so not good with names.

Anyway, thank God for the good weather and great response. Yes, it was pretty scorching hot that day, still, it was all fun nonetheless. There were a lot of kids. I am not sure of other groups lah but for my team red, I have a few small kiddos that play the games according to their likings one. SO if they don’t like the games, they so totally don’t want to listen to me or Andy. It was frustrating at certain point la but kids are kids. You can’t really do much. They drove me crazy. And the sports day this year drew a lot of different races kids together. And most of them could speak Chinese. Since my team was lacking of members (with all the kids scattering around), I had to recruit new member. She watched us from the side. So I asked her if she wants to join us. She asked if she could. Of course can la. I sponsored her 3 bucks. And she had fun. I am so glad. Her name was Nur Adilah.

Anyway, the games were generally easy…for us youths. But not the kids. You know, sometimes it’s quite hard to go down to kids level and try to understand how much they can do. But come to think of it… it’s not that easy la. Haha. Anyway, I couldn’t remember the proper placing for the end result. I think it’s like this:

1st : Yellow
2nd : Purple
3rd : White
4th : Blue
5th : Red

I think so la… I asked Ju and she couldn’t remember also. Haha. Well, placing doesn’t matter la. It’s the spirit! After the games, we had the children clean up the mess they made. Hehe. And bonus point will be given. Hoho. Then we had the prize-giving session. After that we had lunch. The chicken rice was so spicy but very sedap. Anyway, the kid I “recruited”, shown an interest in our future programmes. But I forgot to ask her for her contact number. But she stays nearby to Dineshwary. So I guess I could reach Adilah through her.

After the makan and all, we cleared everything up. And then we went back to Mrs. Chua’s place. She cooked some light lunch for us. Sarah and Jasmine so lawak la. Sharma kena marah from Sarah for playing with Jasmine. Hehe.

All in all, it was a truly successful day. Thank God for keeping each and everyone safe, for the good response, good weather, and helps given by each and everyone who came for this event. Thanks to the working committee for planning everything so well and proper.

Oh, btw… I didn’t manage to take everyone’s pictures. I wasn’t the one with my camera. Handed it to Sharma. And my T20 is sick. Couldn’t stop vibrating. So for those people not in the photos, so sorry ok. Most of the photos are with Federick. If I get them, I will post it up yea.

I guess that’s all for the update on MGC Sports Day, from my part. Hopefully next year will be even better. ^^
Enjoy the photos!


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