Friday, August 29, 2008

For the past few days...

Date : 29th August 2008
Time : 4.40PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Bro's Old Room - Malacca

As promised, photos from my sis studio grad pic. Nothing much actually.

On Tuesday, Thye Chuan, Andrew and I went for a movie. We watched WALL-E in Dataran. That was my first time stepping into the new cinema. A bit outdated. Anyway, the movie was great but to be honest I still prefer Ratatouille. The animation was good and I think the sound engineer did a great job considering the fact that there weren't many "human" talking part. Mostly "waaaallllleeeeeeeee" and "eeeeeeeeeeeeeevaaaaaaaaaaa". I like the sound effects. And love WALL-E's cosy living place. Soundtrack was equally good. Well, that's my POV la. I like it and it's funny. WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay funnier than Kungfu Panda. Oh, and it was such a coincident to meet Sin Yee and Joyce there. I turned to look behind (The whole cinema was empty) to check if Andrew reach already or not and I saw Sin Yee. Hehe...

After the movie, we went to McD for my very very late lunch. And again, we bumped into Sin Yee and Joyce. After makan, Andrew fetched us to Pasar Malam in Kg. Lapan. But suddenly I saw the junction to my old school MGSS and I asked (out of the blue) Andrew to pusing in. How we missed those days. For the 2 fellas, they missed Rengga classes there and their pembuka gate days. And I missed my Sec school and also Rengga's classes. We went up to 4k1 and took some picts tere. So nolstalgic. And the Gajah Menyusur area sammo and the canteen. And guess what? I even checked out the form3 toilets. It was cleaner than my school days. Obviously the whole school had a slight makeover with a new coat of paint and all. I really miss those days. Ok..maybe not. Maybe just the place.

After the detour, we made our way to PM. Saw my YuYu Ice man there and I took 2 servings. Ehehehehe... And yes, we bumped into Sin Yee and Joyce (Again). Andrew couldn't send me back so Chuan had to have his mom drop me home. Thanks a lot yea. I had a lot of fun. And thanks Alch for driving us around and Chuan for the movie.

Andrew left for US yesterday. Weird, I don't really feel sad or anything. Perhaps I got used to it. Anyway, I went over to Yi Kwan's place yesterday night. Chatted with her about stuff. It was fun. Then I dropped by Yen's place to pass her the T-Shirt Uncle Kian Boon bought for us. I kept on forgetting to bring it to church. =.=!

And I hereby announce I've deleted my Utopia account. Kena hit like dunnoe what. No mood d. Hahahaha... And I would like to do a very short review on a game that I completed in 2 days on PS2. Actually, all the hours added together it didn't reach 24 hrs. Such a short game. It's called Fahrenheit or Indigo Prophecy. It's a cinematic gameplay kinda game la ok. So it's like playing a movie. My bro opt to sit out from this game and watch me play instead cos' he'll be watching the movie with different possibilities of outcome. But I kept on potong stim cos' I got too much adrenalin running in my blood that I fainted at one point.

Ok... Exaggeration la ok. The truth is, I keep on potong steam cos of I got really kan cheong (anxious) fast. It's the same for all games like Resident Evil, Haunting Ground and blalabla...U get the drift. So when I get kan cheong right, I will pause. Hahahaha... So itu macam la. My bro will be like... 0.o... Sweat. Anyway, in Fahrenheit, you play multiple personalities. It's about this guy who kena possessed and killed a man in a diner's toilet. His name is Lucas. So you have to cover up your tracks and run away. Then the next scene, you'll be playing the detectives. So you see, you play really the opposite roles. It's like you are trying to catch yourself. And there was this part of the game where you are playing both the detective and Lucas. I lost so many times until I figured out I have to let Lucas go by not doing what he was required to do. Still, I enjoyed the game ALOT. I really mean ALOT. They unfold the storyline really well and I don't really get to criticize the storyline much. And I really emphasize a lot on the storyline when I play games or watch a movie. My bro cannot tahan watch movies with me cos I always bising pasal the storyline or I guess the storyline along the way. Hehehehe. I like games like this because it makes me think.

Still, there is one thing I've been complaining since I started playing Fahrenheit. The navigation. The player uses analog, both of them to control the game. But the indication at the top of the screen can be pretty confusing not to mention quick to hilang. Alamak ai... Especially the conversation part. But I guess it was all planned to make us react faster. Probably only. I won't bising about the story here la. Don't want to spoil it. But I got a bad ending okaaaaaaay. Bluff people one. Cis... T_T" I wish the game could be longer but too bad, it's that short. And yeah, at the end..almost end actually, there was this NSFW kinda scene. I almost pengsan sial. No kidding. Mak jaaaaaangggg. Oh wait, one thing fantastic about this cinematic game is, the voice talent and soundtrack and also sound effect were good. You can really feel the emotion portrayed by the characters. I was so sad I couldn't save Lucas' bro. And you have to make sure your character's "mood bar" does not shoot down to 'Wrecked'. The animation was good too.

Ok..Maybe this review isn't that short after all. And I don't have the intention to get all hopes high and stuff. Personally, it's one of the best game I've played. I loved Haunting Ground too actually. That one really made me kan cheong like dunnoe how many hundred of times. I paused everytime I heard that crazy Debilitas' giggles, I just had to pause, catch my breath, tell myself to get ready my fingers and run. Fuh... But the surrounding for Haunting Ground and also the background music can really give you the creeps. I did not finish the game. I left around 3 % more to go but my cousin took it away to Teluk Intan. And you know what's worse? Somebody sat on it and had it cracked into half. Dang~! Hate it when things like that happen.

And my proudest achievement... Alone In The Dark. Don't ask why. It's like the first game I finished, wait, I rephrase... The first adrenaline packed game I finished without me tying my bro to the chair and watch me play. Nola, actually more to solving the whole game thing in lesser time than my bro. I don't know if they finished the game or not. But I did screamed all the way running up the stairs (in the game) with zero vision. The whole tv screen was dark ok and I really don't know what might jump out laeeee. So I screamed all the way. My bro asked why I did that when I wasn't exactly screaming. More like, "Aaaaaah~....". I said, "Oh, just so when something really jumps out, I won't suddenly scream and throw you off the chair". Hahahaaha...

Anyway, I should really stop now. If there's any other game like what I've mentioned above that you think might interest me, recommend ok? Even better if you could throw me the disc. And forget Silent Hill. I've tried Silent Hill 1. I did not make it to the hospital. Hahaha. And I tried Silent Hill:The Room. I couldn't solve the puzzle. I almost died having adrenaline overdose.

And I will post up the video for JUICE Nite soon. Meanwhile, watch it here.



wahlui said...

walao the canteen! damn classic yo. hahaha. and how come andrew's in msia. he graduated dee or something?

senorita.. said...

chen li, pics of our school.. sadness. miss it very very much... the people,the life,the simple thoughts, the laughter.

whenever ithink of u,i think of the time where u, me and yiding singing the song 'Close To You' under the big tree, perhimpunan area... oh gosh,times that we can never get back.

Chen said...

wahlui: Ehehehe..memang classic. It is still the same. 4k1 also... Darn old skool. But they changed the wall into partitions already. Nope, andrew not yet grad. He came back for internship.

Karen : Yeap. I miss it too. And yes, I still remember that "famous" song we always sing. In front of 5k1 also wat. ^^

Maybe we should all balik together one day. When both of you ingat Malaysia and balik laaaaa...

senorita.. said...

uuuuiii.. dun question my loyalty n sanity. i will balik! =P

Chen said...

eheheh...good good. Balik d tell me.