Saturday, July 29, 2006

A happie day~

Yesterday was our Cell Group meeting. This week, it's at Uncle Rodney's place. At around six plus, i walked over to Ju's house, cutting across our weekly Pasar Malam. I can't remember what was it but a thought just crossed my mind and a smile was pasted on my face like throughout my journey to her house. Can't remember la. Neway, saw Uncle Anthony on my way there. Yen was already there when i reached. They made melted chocolate. man... It was delicious considering the fact that i love choc. We dipped biscuits with it. Niceee... But it sent us hperactive. Really. Just started laughing non-stop... with me as the butt of the joke of course. Calling me Wong and stuff. And whenever i decided not to answer them, Ju will start with, "Jangan ler macam ni Wong... Kita kan kawan?" and both of them will roared with laughter... Well, it was funny... at first... Neway, we were trying to figure out where that line came from since Ju kept on using it. I thought Ju was the one started using it until one of them remembered that it was rom Stephen. Well, in OA... when he wanted the MP3.... They just can't stop quoting it... I mean... first with the wong thing... I really don't find calling myself wong THAT funny... Besides, it's like darn well spread now. First Ju, then Stephen, then Geng Yi and now Yen... Waaaa... Super stress.

Then we walked over to Auntie Jen's house to get our youth T-shirt... It's not that bad. I love it... Kla... have to support ma... but i really like it. And the wong thingy got real outta hand. Sheesh... Whatever... And Daniel really man... Gave us each a cup of 100plus... Siao liao man... Totally burst! Had a chat with Auntie Jen and Daniel before we decided to leave. Took the longer way back cos both Ju and i seriously need to walk around due to our full stomach. Ae...honestly full ok?

Then when reached Ju's place, Yen had a chocolate tart freshly out of the oven. They baked a batch of them to bring to CG. Neway, really love CG man. I mean, that night's topic was really thought-provoking... It's about ex-communication (i think it's spelled that way) in a church and mainly about marrying a non-Christian and gays. Forget about the former, i was more interested in the latter. I was just thinking, if gays aren't allowed in, then how to reach out for the non-C gays... And thinking about it, with some thoughts from Auntie Grace and Uncle Philip, if a person truly repented, then they won't be a gay right? But still, just like us normal ppl, we are not allowed to lust right? And Jesus said that if a man lust over a woman then he's already committing adultery in his heart right? So, if a normal man or woman lust over somebody it'll be over the opposite gender right? So as long as they don't lust over anyone, they are not sinning, right? So, if a gay don't lust over another same gender person, then he's not sinning too right? And a normal person will have phases in their lives when they don't crush or like another in a special way. So can a gay right? Man.... This is so controversial but gays and lesbians issues are just something that i can't help pondering about. Ok...drop this...but.... comments please...

Anyway, yesterday's CG, we managed to finish 6 questions only. Normally we were able to finish the whole chapter but with these topics, i guess, it's inevitable that we can't finish it. Neway, Ken really sees Ju and me as his murder victim man. It's like his brain was programmed to attack us. Sheesh... Hehe... Neway, this time CG, our PSK shaun decided to tag along... Not to join in CG discussion but to read for DMSJ. Tomorrow's the DMSJ quiz in Shah Alam Gospel Hall. Today, the particpants including the floor members and some supporters went up to KL. Just now Sherene messaged me telling me that they're lost. But gary came to the rescue. And Sam Lee messaged too... And what a shocking news too... The sms went something like this ...

Sam : eh, chenli... i heard u organising d MGC choir...heeheehee...

Chen : What?! Is there even such thing?

Sam : haha... hv u been peiksa-ing ur email anot... pi periksa la.... ada msg dari makcik

Chen : Oh my gosh... My emails has been left unattended for weeks... you are not kidding are

Sam : nope... me reli serious.... heehee...nama kamu Wongchenli p'riksa...ada
pesanan frm auntylina

Chen : Oh man.... This seems really weird.

Sam :haha...nt weird...ur still in reality...relax...neway d email is abt d prsntationof items by
selected churches.MGC is 1 of em n ur d chck ur mail la...

Chen : Sure mistake one.

Chen : Don't have le. You forward gimme.

Sam : aiyo.... aku ni serious. i dah baca d email... i no bluff u wan... :-)

Sam : adui...u dun hv? kk... i 4ward 2u... im nt at hme nw...gimme abt 30mins...wil sms/miscal
u bila i dah 4ward

Chen : Ok.

Isn't this weird? I don't even know nothing bout it.... Man... And right up to now, i haven't receive any mails bout it. Sam... if this is one of your late april fool prank, i will go nottingham uni and hunt you down.

Neway, yesterday, while i was preparing to get one of m late christmas present done, i saw a note right above my quiet time and prayer items reminder. It says this :

Must Do! : Change my sleeping time from 10PM to 8AM EVERY DAY.

My dad's handwriting. Nyahnyahnyah... Sent me laughing man... He's like so funny le. But then again, can't do that since i came back from CG at 11PM. At around 12AM, my dad came to check on me just when i was about to get ready for bed. And he said, "What time is it?" I muttered some sort of a 12AM. He said, "Saw the notice not?" And i said yes and grinned. Then he asked,
"And still not following?" I grinned and he gave a funny frown.... He's about to smile anyway... Hahaha... So cute.... I woke up 11AM today neway.... Man... Will i ever sleep at 10PM? But i let the note sticks anyway.

Today, i was really delighted that i get to help one of my mom's fellow indon worker. His name is Man. He's a very good guy. A bit shy. And today's girlfriend's birthday but he doesn't have any money to get her a gift so my mom and i get him some jewelleries and i wrapped them up for him. I am really happy we get to help. I dunno why i feel that way but it gave that sense of satisfaction that i rarely get. I wonder if his gf will like it. I truly hope they will have a wonderful time together. And to think that i used one of my wrapping papers to wrap the gift (even though it's from yikwan and i left less than a text book size), i did not feel relunctant.... i guess maybe its not my fav. kua... But then again, i accepted GY's challenge the other day. Whenever i see wrapping papers that i wanna buy, i wun buy it and the money that's supposed to be spent on the papers goes to the OA ministry. Sheesh... This thing will go on til end of this year. Wish me luck cos'..... i really love wrapping papers... How heart-wrenching is that!!!!!

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