Saturday, July 22, 2006

OA at last!!!

Yeh~! Phew... It's 10.10AM now... Still in the office doing my last minute job. My mom say i no time management. Said that she told me the night before if i cannot do finish the work dun do until solate. Mana tau... sueh sueh let my dad see me stole into his room to return the laptop after i finished which was 4 AM!!! My dad was like, "So late d still not yet sleep?!" Sheesh.,... Sweat*

Now doing my last printing... Sheesh... can't wait for the trip...coming anytime to fetch me now~! Better do fast and go home and wait... Update bout dr.sean one later~! Yehhh! OA... (Hopefully titik hitam di Maxwell hill wun repeat~! Juliana and i have something to redeem ourselves from... )

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