Friday, November 28, 2008

Roller coaster of illnesses...

Date : 28th November 2008
Time : 8.44PM
Listening to : Zafri saying, "Eating now??0.o"
Where : Room - MC

Aaaarghhhhhhhhh... exactly one week ago I fell "kinda" sick. By Monday, I was really really sick. Now, a week later, I am "semi-sick". Sick whenever I woke up. Okay in the afternoon and health bar took a dive by evening to night. It's pretty annoying considering the amount of assignments that I still have. Figuring out the logic of my ADM game now. And I feel a bit out of touch with it after a week. But I guess it'll be alright. I hope.

Motion Graphic. SIgh sigh sigh sigh.... Pretty crappy work from me. 3D gonna kill my computer also. I think MGD and 3D are as good as married to each other. They are out here to bring my laptop down. T_T

I got no time to update further. Gtg!



senorita.. said...

hey u into more info on autism?



Chen said...

hey, thanks.