Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Wedding Preparation

Date : 22nd November 2008
Time : 12.49AM
Listening to : My Own Typing
Where : Room -Malacca

Oh nooo... My voice is breaking and quivering. I'm losing my voice. 0.o! How am I to sing later for Geng Yi's and Grace's wedding. T_T Melissa don't know whether she's singing or not. If she's not, I'll be the only one for the low echoist. Falling sick too. Dang man... I started to feel my voice's breaking when I finished BSGC's children ministry on Thursday. I was one of the sinspiration helpers. When I travelled back Malacca that same day to go for the wedding's rehearsal, I felt the flu coming up. And when they practiced "In Your Presence", I seriously cannot sing. Bah...

Anyway... This is going to be short post. Today (Actually yesterday since past 12AM d), we youths went to church at 8PM for the final rehearsal for GY's wedding presentation. The aunties were there earlier to decorate the church up. It was really beautiful. The theme was in purple and white. SO they chose the little daisies and also orchids. Anyway. Practice was fun. And Melissa wasn't around so I was practically trying my very best to not be "influenced" by the normalist and also saprano echoist. =.-!

As mentioned, this is going to be short. I will be giving more details on the preparation later and also VBS back in Sunway. Gotta catch my very much needed sleep before the wedding tomorrow. I am gonna look like some worn out hag man. =.+! Here are some photos of the church. Will update the "decoraters" and "rascals" soon. The youths are the rascals of course.... XD. Alright. Enjoy the pics. I love the Ball of Rose the most. And the daisies...

The Orchids

The Ball of Roses

The Daisies with Ribbons

Baskets of Daisies

The Daisies by Auntie Grace

Backdrop by Yen Mei

Rows of Seats

The Chapel Hall

It's been pretty long since I took photos with my own camera and edited it. Hope to get nicer shots tomorrow. ^^ Nite ppl!

(I am so behind time with my assignments~!!!)



hwei said...

doesn't look like mgc. ah haha.

Chen said...

Lol. A bit la. But I think the ain door was exceptionally beautiful. ^^