Monday, November 17, 2008

La Cupcakes~!

Date : 17th November 2008
Time : 10.12PM
Listening to : Benci Tapi Rindu - Glenn Fredly
Where : Room - MC

I thought I wasn't going to make it to class today. Ugh. The cramps came on and off. And my Motion Graphic was in a mess by 12PM. So I started all over again at 12PM. Class was at 2PM. =.=! I must be extremely mad or something. And I felt feverish. So agonizing you know. During work period, I had to go down to KK to get Panadol. And I sms-ed my sister regarding some health issues I'm currently facing and she called back. The first question she asked me was so ridiculous. LOL. Totally threw me off my seat. Good thing I wasn't sitting down. +.+" Alamak... can't believe she asked me that lae. AHAHAHAH!

Today's class was relatively simple. To be honest, I wasn't paying much attention. I was fixing my MG. Gah. Work period was around 2 hours. At around 4PM, my lecturer came in to class again. She brought us cupcakes that she made for Oh&Ah. Only got 3 so 6 of us had to share. Dee and Joanne weren't there. Anyway, it was very nice. This time I didn't fall off any stage. =.=! The last time a lecturer offered me her homemade delicacies, I fell off the stage and sprained ankle. That was I-Ching from Design 1 Class. She made a very nice chocolate brownies. I wasn't being a glutton ok. It just so happened that I was very near the edge. =.=! And I have no idea why I-Ching offered to call Li Wen to come and see how I was doing. o.0! But in the end, another lecturer with some Qi Kong power came to do some "inner healing". It was warm. But I still can't walk painlessly. =.=! Talking about cartoon life....

After class today, Tan, Sel and I helped Chris with the video equipment. Darn berat lor. They get to use the small TV and also big camera. 0.o! While Chris was downstairs at the Operation Dept, the rest of us delivered some stuff back to Kenny. As usual, we'll bising Kenny. He labeled us as Monkeys from MMo68 in his blog. =.+ He's such a funny lecturer man.

Geng Yi called today. He said Friday he's having open house at his place. Asked me to go so he could discuss with me about his wedding reception details on Satrday. So fast man... The wedding's this sat. Wooo... But but..the thing is...Shuen called also. She asked me to attend the practice for GY's wedding. I think among all, I'm the one with the least practice one. Die man. I dunnoe how now. Which one should I go first. I think I shall go for the practice first. The reception thing I can go later at night I think. Or I could just give him a call. I'm quite excited. Can you believe I actually chose the dress I'm going to wear almost 3 months ago?? Lol. The first friend that got married. ^^Y <---That's the peace lala sign. LOL!

Then the 4 of us had our dinner in Strawberry Fields, Taipan. Travelling in car was so lawak. Singing nonsense and all. Haven't felt this relaxed after class for a long time. Almost all the time eat in Sunway. Ugh~! Jelak liao. We talked about the Rantai-rantai exhibition. Decided to work on a large canvas and see what we can come up with. AAAAARGHHH!! Stomach cramp!! I shall stop here!


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