Monday, November 17, 2008


Date : 17th November 2008
Time : 12.43AM
Listening to : Remember your chains - Steven Curtis Chapman
Where : Room - MC

Aaaarghh~! My cramp is being such a nuisance you know??? Ugh~!

I think I really have a problem. I am so judgmental when it comes to people's work. The problem is, I am not even qualified to judge. But I can't help it. When I see a work done in haste with so many flaws that could easily be fixed, I will tend to want to fix it. I really don't want to appear snobbish or acting like I'm such an ass or something. It's like a disorder man. Ugh! Sometimes I wish I could just ignore it or something but when it's nagging at the back of your head, you really can't just forget it. Sigh~!

Then the other day, I called Auntie Tina. I didn't know she changed her number and I reached the new owner of the number instead. So I said sorry and called Juliana instead. But the new owner called several times in church today and it was so annoying. So I finally picked up and I asked who is he. He mumbled something like he's a Bangladeshi. So I said it's a wrong number and he kept trying to keep me on the line. How annoying! So I just ended the call. Then just now in the evening when Zheng, Zaf and I went to find Amir, that dude called again. Waaaaaaaaaaaah!! I was so freakin angry with him. SO I picked the call and I said, "Hey! You better stop calling ok?!" and he mumbled something lah. Then I said, "If you call one more time, I will call the police!!". And he said, "okok..." and I ended the call. Bah! I call that harassment ok? I don't care if I appear rude or what. So annoying that he kept calling. Aaaargh! If he call one more time, I will pretend to be a guy and scare him off. Hmmph!


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