Sunday, November 16, 2008

Nothing much

Date : 16th November 2008
Time : 5.05PM
Listening to : The rain...
Where : Room - MC

I'm feeling a little light headed and having stomach cramp. Ugh~! Yesterday, as usual, Zheng and I cooked dinner at home. This term, we've been cooking at home more often than we ate out. (I think). Yesterday was particularly quick. ~o.0~ We used to take 45 minutes or more to get simple dishes done but yesterday was 20 minutes or so. Guess we were used to it already. After dinner, I decided that we should get some ice cream. Somehow in the end we ended up in Jusco for our groceries shopping. =.=! We planned for our next week menu. I think this time we'll be attempting new dishes. I don't know about Zheng but I don't cook at home (Malacca) but I think Hainanese can cook somehow. I'm not that good but I don't think my cooking can kill either.

Yesterday, I had a 9.00AM class with Musa. The class supposed to hae 5 people. But yesterday, only 2. Selvia and I. Wahyu dropped the subject, Samantha went back hometown and Tanyus had a migraine. Honestly, I feel more comfortable this way. I asked questions like nobody business without fearing I might stall time. And since array wasn't much of a problem already, I found it sooooo much easier to catch what Musa's trying to say when he showed us the whole CRAZY lines of XML codes. And yes, I'm so glad we'll learn XML also. Ohohoho! Next term, my choice of electives are Game Art & Planning and also Advanced Web Design. At the end of Web Design 2, I told Chong, Jo and Eugene that I will take AWD. For one, I wasn't satisfied with my inability to arrange my codes and make it work. Secondly, I'm very clear of the direction that I want to take which is Interactive. I like Motion Graphic. But I think that can come later. Not my main interest for now.

The day before, Jo, my lecturer sms-ed me and told me to dress in smart casual on Saturday. They need to take my photo for some show reel or something. It's about my Smelly Shoes game that I did in Digital Media 2. So yesterday I asked Sook Chiung about it and she said it was some sort of a game showcase or something that Sweii wants to show dunnoe who and my game is one of the selected one. I dunnoe la. I think that game was so silly. I mean really silly ok. And not practical at all. Not to mention short sammo. But anyway, the photo was taken by Reuben and Sook Chiung was there too. She is so funny ok. Cannot tahan. I don't know how to describe. She is just so funny. I think even Reuben also cannot tahan.

Back in church today, Michael Fun gave a talk on Youth Sunday. He started the sermon with a quiz. So he chose 6 people to participate. 3 adults and 3 young people. And the adults range from teenagers in the 60's, 70's and 80's. The young people range from 90's to the current one. The quiz is to understand how big the gap is between the adults and the young people. So the first round was about the short abbreviation and see how well they know them. The adults one was pretty easy but they still found it hard to answer them. But for us young people, we could answer their questions more or less. But towards the end, the adults seemed to be able to answer them. All the abbreviation thrown to them were daily short text used by the young people. For the young people's turn... it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible. The questions and abbreviations were from the 60's to 80's; all the abbreviation used by our parents and all.

SWALK : Sealed with a loving kiss... 0.o~!
AAF : Always a Friend
TTYL : Talk to you later (This was from our parents' time???)

And many more la. The next round was about Lingo. =.=! Pipe down la... Hang out la... stuff like that. Can't believe all that came from the 60's to 80's.

Anyway... Not feeling too well now. Gtg. Malacca peeps, I'll be back on Friday. See ya guys then.

P/s: I'm not being greedy.. Really. BUT WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE ME A 4GB RAM COMPUTER THIS CHRISTMAS?!?!!?! *Ahem* Really... I'm not greedy. If I am, I will ask for a workstation already.


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