Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dear Livia

Date : 9th November 2008
Time : 7.41PM
Listening to : The hamster running on da wheel
Where : Room - MC

Yawn~! A great day in church today. I helped chair the children ministry closing and prize-giving. I had time helping out. The youth's performance was so very very funny. The midgets and humpty-dumpty. My goodness. If I get the video recording, I'll post it up here. Lately, I've felt myself warming up to he members. Feels nice. And in this church, I was very moved by their effort in children works. Met the special kids today. And seeing the photoslide of the ministry's work really inspired me to serve God more in this area.

I've been attending Uncle Thiran's bible study group for 3 weeks now. This week I met his wife. Starting to warm up to the members there too. ^^ And although it was quite tiring due to homework, it was really interesting to learn about God in another language. And seriously, the info gets in your head better cos' I need to put in more effort in understanding it.

Anyway... Livia's leaving on Wednesday. Sigh... To New Zealand. See! I told you New Zealand's gonna rob me of my friends!! I also dunnoe when I'll see her again. Last week I mae an effort to go back and meet ehr. I couldn't join in the original farewell in the afternoon. SO when I reached Malacca in the evening, Yen, Ju, Jess and I went to Secret Recipe with Livia. It was a short outing but fun. Quite a time there. And I couldn't get a proper shot of Livia cos' you know la...she doesn't like having her photo taken. But she enjoyed using my Nikon though. Hahaha... But anyway Livia, sigh... have a great and safe trip to NZ. Must remember to come back meet us ok. It is so amazing that somehow we can grow close to each other. Remember how you and QiQi always kept to yourselves? Lol. Sigh sigh sigh~! And all those silly times when you all play with my phone. =.=! Hahahaha. Anyway... really, keep in touch. Will miss you so much after this.

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cluelessfreak said...

at least she smiled at all her pics hor. she got high cheek bones.

Chen said...

Lol. yeah. at least she smiled. Ahahahaha. Yeap. Can bcome model la dat fella. @@

senorita.. said...

yea wei.. y suddenly NZ so heng ar? n particularly ur frens.. u n NZ, one day sure will b united one..... lol

it's a sign

Chen said...

nooooooooooooo.... Never~!!!! Stop stealing my frenssssssssss~!